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True Beauty: Surprise Twist!

June 14, 2010 07:57 PM by Candace Young


This week on ABC‘s True Beauty, 8 contestants remain after Michael was sent home last time for letting a drunk man drive! Hosts Beth Stern and Carson Kressley, along with judge Vanessa Minillo, will once again use challenges to determine who is truly beautiful on the inside (even though the hopefuls believe they are being judged on outer beauty). The show begins with Regina’s return to the house after she lived to tell the tale of her trip to the bottom two on last week’s show!

Regina comes barreling back into the house hollering, “I told you!” They all proceed to get drunk. The other notice Liz drinking straight shots of vodka, and more than usual. Soon, she’s doing booty dances and biting people’s feet! Erika attempts to slow down her alcohol intake, but gets a bad reception.  Hangovers ensue. Craig’s workout on the treadmill isn’t exactly welcome.


They all get up,  and Amy works to try to figure out how to make coffee.  Carson and Beth watch. Vanessa joins them, saying this week’s challenge will check to see if the contestants can take criticism, but also will test if they’ll cheat when given the opportunity. Carson informs the contestants that they will hit the streets of Vegas and interview tourists, and then their videos will be scored by a focus group.  Carson hands out questions in envelopes, telling them they must not peek at them until they get to the street. The elevators are rigged with cameras to see if they sneak a look!

As they each take a trip down the elevator, Michelle surprises the judges by looking in her envelope. Taylor admires himself in the mirrors and doesn’t look. Amy fails,  but Craig and David pass. Regina peeks at her questions, as do Erika and Liz! All the girls cheated and the guys didn’t! Out on the street, Craig is impressive, and Erika is a little over the top.  Liz, who declares she belongs on a red carpet, is totally lost for words. Many of the contestants struggle with the big words.


It’s time for the focus group to vote on the videos of the contestants. It’s a real group not employed by the show. The hopefuls listen to the focus group’s criticisms from a hidden spot. The judges watch their reactions to being critiqued. Taylor curses, Erika takes it gracefully, and David does fine too.  Michelle takes it well, and Craig laughs at himself, but Regina mocks the group members and curses! Amy takes the criticism very calmly,  as does Liz,  surprisingly.

Back at the house, the contestants regroup, and head down to the pool.  It starts out fun, but soon Liz is drinking and booty dancing on the handrail.  Amy leaves, saying Liz bugs her, and Liz starts a huge argument with Taylor. They all think she’s bringing bad vibes and should just go home!

When it’s time to meet with Carson and Beth, the group learns that Craig won the challenge! The bottom two are Liz and Taylor. They will head to the final face-off.


In the house, the contestants rally behind Taylor, but Craig takes a minute to reassure Liz, who is crying and lamenting that no one likes her.  The judges debate about the bottom two. They think it’s obvious that Liz should be sent packing, but Vanessa stuns Carson and Beth by announcing that neither Liz nor Taylor is leaving tonight – but another contestant is! Vanessa explains that someone violated the rules by using a cellphone!

Carson and Beth head out to put Taylor and Liz through their paces before letting them off the hook.  Regina is brought in once they’ve been sent back to the house. She is told they know she’s been using a cellphone, and must leave the competition. She is told the true nature of the contest, and shown video footage of her other transgressions. Regina hangs her head, and leaves saying she’ll still make it to the top!

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Photos courtesy ABC.

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