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Hell’s Kitchen: Double Header Tonight!

June 15, 2010 08:11 PM by Lisa Princ


Gordon Ramsay is back tonight for two hours of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX as this week kicks off the double headers that will continue until the finale. So with two action & drama packed hours, we’ll now see two chefs get sent home each, hopefully your favorite remained. With another chef walking out once again, how many contestants will go home this week? You’ll have to keep reading for all the details!

On the first of our two episodes of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Gordon Ramsay fires up the contestants with an easy challenge, or at least they think so: cooking lunch for some hungry USC band members and cheerleaders. The rules are simple, the team who finishes first, wins. Both teams were neck in neck, but the ladies wound up finishing seconds before the men, and were treated to a trip to Malibu where they would not only hang out with Gordon Ramsay, but the got to play soccer with his wife and children as well, followed of course by feasts of food! The men were not so lucky and were treated like inmates as they were given jumpsuits and rode the bus to clean up river debris for the day!

Dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX didn’t go much better. Gordon Ramsay gave Holli and Salvatore the job of helping out J.P. by greeting and taking orders. Holly had no problems, but Salvatore we learned cannot write in English so his orders were a mess. He became so frustrated with Chef Ramsay yelling at him, that he walked out…..luckily J.P. came to his side and talked him out of leaving for good. Although he was reluctant, Salvatore did go back to help but swore that if his team lost, he would put himself up on the chopping block.


Luckily for Salvatore, however it was the women who struggled greatly at dinner service tonight. Fran burnt her hand fairly bad on some boiling water and refused to tell anyone. As she tried to hide the pain, it was taking a toll on her meat as she could not get anything right. Eventually Gordon Ramsay caught wind of this and made her go see the medic, but she did manage to come back and finish service. Jamie was on a burning spree tonight, from mashed potatoes to carrots, guess she was too busy worrying about what everyone else was doing. Clearly the red team ended up losing the service and were asked to bring two people back for elimination. The team nominated both Fran and Jamie for elimination, but Chef Ramsay said he saw fire and fight in Fran and she was to get back in line. Jamie was then asked for her jacket as Chef Ramsay claimed he only saw passion in her, but no leadership skills.

On the second half of our double header of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Gordon Ramsay challenges the contestants with a dice. They would be rolling the dice, which were marked by letters and for each letter they would choose an ingredient. Each team would have to create a dish with these six unique ingredients that they only had ten seconds to choose after rolling their letter. The guys got off to a good start choosing halibut, endive, salsify, peas, crab and bacon. The women were having a tough time thinking of ingredients quickly and ended up with beets, shallots, turnips, ham, duck. Each team then created their dishes and approached Chef Ramsay for his critique. He liked both dishes, but the men ended up winning as the uncooked duck fat was the killer for the ladies. The prize for the guys was going sky diving, well inside a wind tunnel anyway. The girls were left behind to scrub the floors and prep all the food.


Dinner service this time around on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX would be a little different as each team would have a VIP table in the kitchen with them as they cooked. While this service was better than the last, it certainly did not go off without any hitches. Autumn mangled a piece of fish by using the wrong utensil and Ed had an issue with his mashed potatoes being too hard, but nothing came close to Scott and his inability to get his meat cooked properly. Oddly enough, earlier that day he was helping Salvatore by teaching him and leading him as the two had become close friends. Salvatore blew Chef Ramsay away tonight with his fish, every single one was cooked to perfection! On the red team, I have to say that Nilka rocked it tonight on her meat station, way to go girl!

At the end of dinner service Gordon Ramsay told the teams that neither had won and asked that Nilka nominate someone from the ladies team for elimination and that Salvatore, who did a complete turnaround tonight nominate someone from the blue team. Nilka nominated Autumn as she didn’t feel she was a team player, and Salvatore went with head and not his heart and nominated Scott. Chef Ramsay then asked both contestants for their jackets and then swapped them moving Scott to the red team and Autumn to the blue team. In the end, Chef Ramsay decided not to send anyone home because they completed dinner service tonight without many issues.

Best of luck to Jamie, and be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for an all new two hour episode of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX!

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