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Losing It With Jillian: The May Family

June 15, 2010 07:40 PM by Nancy Floyd


Losing It With Jillian returns with a brand new episode tonight on NBC. This week Jillian Michaels is traveling to Bakersfield, California to work with the May family, struggling with weight and emotional well-being after a hard divorce. Keep reading for more details on Jillian’s work and the May family’s transformation…

On tonight’s all-new episode of Losing It With Jillian, the tough-as-nails trainer is joining the May family in Bakersfield, California. Mom Ruth is dealing with her fair share of emotional, mental, and physical issues after undergoing a difficult divorce a few years prior. Naturally her kids are concerned for her well-being and coping with issues of their own. Daughters Rachael and Ashley need a transformation as much as their mom. Fortunately, Jillian Michaels is here to whip them into shape.

First things first, President Obama shows up. Say WHAT?!?! Oh wait, never mind. He’s not actually a guest on Losing It With Jillian. He’s just talking about some minor oil spill that happened in the Gulf a few weeks back. Why is he wasting our time with trivial matters when there’s a family in desperate need of a physical and emotional makeover?!


When Obama’s speech is finished, we join Losing It With Jillian already in progress. Noooo!! How are we supposed to know what happens to the May family?!  Ok, here’s the basic info I could scrounge up. The May family has had their share of heartache and disappointment since the rough divorce between Ruth and her ex-husband. Jillian stops by to save the day, puts them through some crazy workout, and then surveys the May’s house. Holy hoarding addiction, Batman!! That’s a crapload of junk in the garage. Jillian’s first order of business is to hold a yard sale to get rid of the junk that is taking over the May’s house and lives. Also, based on the above picture, sexy celebrity chef, Curtis Stone shows up at some point to give the family a few pointers on eating. Onto the show…

Now that the yard sale is over, Ruth is having a difficult time accepting it. She’s angry at Jillian for not giving her the opportunity to go through the junk in the garage before selling it off. Jillian thinks Ruth is always a victim and the heated conversation leads to an emotional argument between Ashley and Ruth. What better way to work off a little steam than another intense workout? Back to the gym for the ladies.


Since her divorce, Ruth hasn’t gone on a single date. Her kids want Ruth to put herself out there so they take matters into their own hands by signing her up for an online dating service. Rachael and Ashley give Ruth a little makeover for her date with some uber-friendly old guy named Richard. The old guy gets a little handsy from the get-go and the pair share dinner at an Italian restaurant. Despite Ruth’s nervousness and fear, she seems to have a pretty good time on her night on the town.

It’s back to work on Losing It With Jillian as the family heads back to the gym. Now that Jillian has had her time to work on Ruth, she’s focusing in her efforts on Ashley and Rachael. In typical Jillian fashion, she doesn’t let up and puts the girls through the ringer. Rachael and Jillian have a little heart-to-heart to get to the root of Rachael’s issues. Not surprisingly, dysfunctional mom, Ruth, is to blame for Rachael’s insecurity and lack of motivation.


In an effort to build Rachael and Ashley’s confidence, Jillian Michaels takes the girls to practice with the girls soccer team at their college. Rachael begins to come out of her shell while on the soccer field, but Ashley is still reserved. Jillian pulls Ash aside for a one-on-one workout which subsequently leads to an emotional breakdown. Ashley’s mom isn’t to blame for her emotional shortcomings; her absentee dad is. Jillian and Ashley hug it out on the soccer field and decide to head home and chitchat with Ruth.

Jillian forces Rachael to sit down with Ruth and share her concerns about mom’s well-being. None of the kids want to move forward in their lives for fear of leaving Ruth alone. Ruth assures Rachael that she would welcome some time alone (probably especially after having Jillian Michaels up in her business for a week straight). It’s almost time for Jillian to leave the May family behind but not without hearing their goals for the next 8 weeks. Ashley wants to lose 40 lbs, Rachael wants to drop to a six 6, and Ruth wants to learn to communicate, open herself up to finding love, and lose 40 lbs.


As promised, Jillian Michaels returns to California in 8 weeks for the May family reunion. Much of their extended family hasn’t seen the Mays in months. Ashley, Rachael, and Ruth all look phenomenal and are proud of their progress. Ashley lost 34 lbs. and dropped five dresses. Rachael lost 30 lbs and is now wearing a size six. Ruth lost 74 lbs. and miraculously, her garage is cleaned out. Jillian decides to bless the May family with a gift of $50,000 to put Ashley and Rachael through college and help Ruth pay off school loans for her Masters degree.

Tune in to NBC for another brand new episode of Losing It With Jillian next Tuesday night at 8pm EST when Jillian Michaels joins the Northern family and helps them reclaim their lives after dad loses his job.

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