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Top Chef: Season Seven Premiere

June 16, 2010 08:24 PM by Lisa Princ


Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi, and Gail Simmons are back as season seven of Top Chef on Bravo kicks off tonight! This season, as they are joined by Eric Ripert on the judging panel, they head to Washington, D.C. to meet 17 new chefs who will compete for $125k and the title of Top Chef. Keep reading for all the details!

As season seven opens up on Top Chef on Bravo we’ll be taken to Washington D.C. where we meet seventeen new hopefuls. Let’s meet the newest contestants: Tracey Bloom, 33 year old executive chef from Atlanta; Timothy Dean, 39 year old chef and owner from Baltimore; Tiffany Derry, 26 year old executive chef from Dallas; Tamesha Warren, 24 year old sous chef from Washington, D.C.; Stephen Hopcraft, 40 year old executive chef from Las Vegas; Lynne Gigliotti, 51 year old culinary teacher from New York; Kevin Sbraga, 31 year old executive chef from New Jersey; Kenny Gilbert, 36 year old restaurant owner from Colorado; Kelly Liken, 33 year old chef/owner from Colorado; John Somerville, 42 year old chef de cuisine from Ohio; Jacqueline Lombard, 33 year old private chef from Brooklyn; Ed Cotton, 32 year old executive chef from New York City; Arnold Myint, 32 year old chef/owner from Nashville; Angelo Sosa, 35 year old chef/owner from Connecticut; Andrea Curto-Randazzo, 39 year old chef/owner from Florida; Amanda Baumgarten, 27 year old sous chef from Los Angeles; and Alex Reznik, 33 year old executive chef from Hollywood.


Of course, just about as soon as they get there, Padma & Tom show up to immediately put the contestants to their very first quickfire challenge on Top Chef on Bravo. For their very first quickfire challenge of season seven would consist of a mise en place tournament to test basic skills against each other. For the first round, they must peel 10 potatoes, with the fastest 12 chefs moving on. For the second round, they must brunoise ten cups of onions, in which 8 chefs would move to finally the third round where they would have to break down four chickens into eight parts with the fastest four contestants moving on to the actual cooking challenge where they will have to use those ingredients for a chance at $20k.

As the challenge gets underway on Top Chef on Bravo, everyone starts to fear Kenny has he quickly peels his potatoes and buzzes that he is done. He does the same for both the onions and chicken, coming in first for both of those as well. In the end, the four chef’s cooking would be Kenny, Angelo, Timothy and Kevin. When it time for the taste test though, both Tom Colicchio and Padma Lakshmi were in agreement that Kenny and Angelo had the best dishes, but Angelo’s dish of roasted chicken wing with curried onion jam and potato noodles was the top dish of the challenge, landing Angelo $20k.


Next up on Top Chef on Bravo it was time for the elimination challenge. For this challenge the chefs would be broken up into four groups, with the group members competing against one another. Each group would have one person in the top four and one person in the bottom four. The four quickfire competitors were to choose whom they wanted to compete against. As for their dishes, they were to create a dish that represented them as a chef in some way. With $300 in hand, the chefs headed off to get their ingredients so they could prepare for a party of 500 guests from Washington D.C.

All the contestants worked hard on their dishes on Top Chef on Bravo but after the party was over, only eight chefs stood out: the worst four and the best four. The top four chefs were Kenny, Kevin, Angelo and Alex, but only one could win, and the very first challenge winner was once again Angelo! Then it was time for the worst four which were Timothy, who disappointed the judges by keeping the skin on his fish; Steven, who had overcooked his ribeye; Jacqueline, who made a lumpy chicken liver mousse, and John who made a three ingredient maple tart that did not taste like maple at all. In the end it was John who would be packing up his knives for his dish that did not reflect who he was and had no maple flavor at all. Best of luck to John!

Be sure to tune in next Wed at 9 pm for an all new episode of Top Chef on Bravo!

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