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American Idol: Kara DioGuardi Says “No One Will Ever Be Simon”

June 17, 2010 09:27 AM by Nancy Floyd


As American Idol producers struggle to find someone to fill the judging seat previously occupied by Simon Cowell, fellow judge Kara DioGuardi thinks they should throw out the mold and find a brand new type of person. Recognizing that there’s no one who could truly replace Cowell, DioGuardi recommends that the producers find someone totally different. Keep reading for more details on who DioGuardi thinks should take Cowell’s job and how much she’ll miss the acerbic Brit…

American Idol fans are waiting with bated breath to see who will be hired as Simon Cowell‘s successor. The Brit just finished his final season with Idol, leaving the show behind to focus on his new reality TV venture, X Factor. Fellow judge, Kara DioGuardi isn’t confident that anyone can really replace the longtime judge known for his clever wit and sharp barbs.

“No one will ever be Simon … It’s impossible,” Kara DioGuardi says. “He does things that no one has ever done. He’s created this tremendous character who is funny, still has a human side, but is just blatantly honest.”

Although Simon Cowell‘s shoes will be hard to fill on the American Idol judging panel, DioGuardi definitely thinks the four judge format should remain. “People have gotten used to four judges,” she says. “When I first came on, it was definitely, ‘Oh she’s taking over Paula [Abdul, as the third judge],’ which was not the case. I was never there to take Paula’s position. I do think that four judges works. It’s really about getting someone who has a lot of experience in music to replace Simon.”

The person that Kara DioGuardi has in mind to replace Simon Cowell is Harry Connick Jr., who served as a guest mentor this season. “What I liked about Harry [as a mentor this past season] is he is put so much time into helping those contestants, and I think he really did help them,” she says.

Regardless of who takes Cowell’s place, Kara DioGuardi will always miss the Brit. “I always had mad respect for him, and I think he’s really brilliant,” says DioGuardi. “The first year was hard, you know. I was trying to be like ‘Let me in, let me in.’ I was like the outsider. This year, I just enjoyed him so much on the panel, and I thought he was so good to me, very supportive, and I thanked him a lot for that.”

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