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The Next Food Network Star: Guy Fieri And Movie Inspired Dishes

June 20, 2010 08:00 PM by Jennifer


Last week, Dzintra was at the bottom of the food chain and almost eliminated. Will tonight’s inspirational challenge put her one step closer to being The Next Food Network Star, or will she be eliminated? Keep reading to find out!

On tonight’s episode of The Next Food Network Star, Giada De Laurentiis brings in a special guest to announce the contestants next Camera Challenge. Boy are the contestants excited when Guy Fieri walks in! With a successful Food Networkshow, they sure better pay attention to what he tells them, which is that they must create a dish inspired by different genres of movies, from drama to horror. Each contestant must then present their dish to the camera. As the chefs create their dishes, all of them look really interesting. Aarti drew horror, and made a bloody meatloaf dish, and she nailed it in front of the camera. Tom drew romance, and he was inspired by the Eiffel Tower, but the judges were not impressed. Aria came out with her sci-fi inspired riceballs, but she was too lame for the camera. Paul’s dish, which had alot of dramatic flavor, was liked by the judges and he was funny in front of the cameras. Then came Serena, who made a dish she called spaghetti western. She really sounded great in front of the camera! I think Herb really bombed, both with his dish and presentation. Dzintra’s action packed car chase reminded Guy Fieri of a peanut butter and jelly. The judges decided 1that Aarti not only had the best presentation, but also the best dish.

Now they have to look forward to their star challenge, with Guy Fieri filling in for Bobby Flay on the selection committee this week! For their star challenge, the contestants must get all dressed up, and they are taken to a hot Hollywood club. When the exit their cars, they are surprised to see a red carpet and paparazzi! Guy Fieri tells them they eir challenge involves seeing how they will handle their fame with the public and the press. As each contestant signs autographs and does interviews as they go up the red carpet, Paul decided it would be a great time to act like a nut in front of the cameras! Dzintra danced and twirled up the runway, great if she was auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance, not the The Next Food Network Star honey!


After finding out that the red carpet was only part one of their challenge on tonight’s NFNS, Guy tells them that they are going to be preparing food for 150 guests at an after party for Grammy Award winner Colby Caillet! The contestants are psyched to hear that, but not so happy when they find out that they must pair up with other contestants based on the color of the swag bags they received on the red carpet. Immediately Paul felt like his ship had sunk when he realized his partner was Serena, who only has home cooking experience. But it gets better when Guy tells them they need to create a single dish with the ingredient found in their swag bag, plus a dish with both the ingredients with their partner. I bet this really sent Paul over the edge because he got parsnips while his partner got peanut butter… what are they going to make with that?

With combinations like bananas and cabbage, and cheese and chocolate, they have 2 hours to create their two single dishes, as well as a collaborative dish. Brianna and Herb ended up really well, getting beer and fennel as their ingredients. But when Paul and Serena start preparing their dishes, which included a slaw, Paul decided to do tricks while trying to open a glass bottle, and got glass in their dish! Now they had to start over. Guess that’s what he gets for trying to be a hotshot in front of his partner!


As Serens is running around the kitchen, she goes behind Breanna without saying anything and Breanna steps on her foot. Serena’s foot turns blue and she heard a crack, but she goes on cooking. Then Guy brings in Colbie Caillet and the selection committee to try everyone’s dosh, and they like Herb and Breanna’s dishes, and Aarti and Brad’s cheesy chocolate beef skewer dish left them a little disappointed, but their solo dishes were great. Aria starts presenting her and Dzintra’s dishes, and Dzintra shushes Aria when she is speaking! Aria can tell by the look on the committee’s face that they were not happy. They could sense a tension between the two women, and also no one was at their table, while the other contestants had alot of people eating their food. Tom and Das made a tempura dish that some guests said were disgusting! As far as Serena and Paul, their solo dishes sucked, but together they had a great slaw!

But there can only be one winner for the Star challenge, and the judges must send someone home tonight. Das was given a great review, but his dish combined with Tom had a very overwhelming jerk seasoning and was the worst dish the committee had. Yikes! Herb and Breanna, labeled Team Sexy, had a great beer marinated steak, and their personalities were great, and they said Breanna was an expert chef. But the crowd did not take to her very well. Guy Fieri made sure to tell Paul that anyone can be he star, it does not have to be a professionally trained chef. But when it came down to a winner, it was Team Sexy, Herb and Breanna. Dzintra, Aria, Paul and Serena were left at the bottom, and ultimately they decided that it was time for Dzintra to say goodbye. I can’t say I am surprised, the last two episodes she really sunk herself!

Now that it is down to nine, will the chefs be able to blow Bobby Flay away in the kitchen? Tune in next week to find out!

The competition is heating up! Tune in next week to see who’s dream of becoming The Next Food Network Star will be over!! See you after the show!!

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