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Dance Your Ass Off: Professional Partners Join the Show

June 21, 2010 11:09 PM by Rebecca Ford


In the third episode of Dance Your Ass Off, the contestants meet their professional partners, who will help them bring their dancing to the next level. However, sometimes dancing next to a pro on stage can prove how weak your own dancing skills are. Who can handle these challenging pairings and shed the pounds?

Mel B arrives at the house with a row of garment bags, each with the name of a contestant on it. Inside, CDs have a song that each contestant will dance to, and they must tell a story! Adamme is pumped for his song!

The next surprise? The contestants will meet their professional partners! The contestants head to their studio to practice with their new partners. Sarah is partnered with Joshua, who she thinks is adorable. Briana is dancing with Paul, who was on last season. Many of the contestants are struggling to get used to dancing with a partner.

After rehearsal, the contestants get a lesson on portion control. Later, their trainer, Lee, takes them on a hike up Runyon Canyon—the easy way. Briana struggles, but makes it with the encouragement of her friends.

Next, we learn of a love connection in the house! The chemistry between Cory and Kiki grows as they get to know each other.


Now, it’s time for the competition begins. Mel B (in a fiery red dress) greets the audience and the judges. Choreographer Mayte Garcia serves as the guest judge.

Corey and Yesenia start, and Corey looks very masculine with his tiny dance partner. He can lift her till he turns as blue as his tracksuit! But his final lift is a little too much, and sends her flying across the room and onto her butt. His score is averaged to 6.3.

Stephanie and Oskar are next, and she’s got plenty of energy to keep up with her pro partner. Judge Danny says he loved it, and all the judges gush about how great it was. She gets a strong score of 7.7.

Meredith seems a little unsure on her feet, and a sneer from judge Danny proves that this number is not working for him. Danny says he’s disappointed, and gives her a four! Ouch! She gets a low average of 5.0.


Kiki shows off her beautiful side, and Corey is seen grinning on the side. Kiki looks confident, even when she slips up. Danny says it looked more like a rehearsal, and Lisa Ann asks her to dance harder. She gets a score of 5.7.

Sarah and her partner Joshua are next, but Sarah looks weak next to her pro partner. Lisa Ann asks for “less pretty, more power.” She’s got some work to do for next week.

Latoya, one of the strongest competitors, is so clearly technically superior to the ret of the competitors it’s kind of ridiculous. She has great lines and great partnership. She’s definitely going all the way. She gets a score of 8 and takes the lead.

Michael goes gangster with his performance, a big change from last week. It has good energy, and Lisa Ann says she really enjoyed watching it. He gets a 6.7 score.


Katie has a sexy number, but she can’t hide her struggle with the number, and the judges don’t seem to love it. For some reason, she’s lip-synching which is just strange. Lisa Ann praises her partnering, but asks her to share more of herself next time. She gets a score of 6.

Erica has a slower number in a pretty blue dress, and exhibits emotion, even though she trips a little on her spin. Mayte praises her arms, and asks her to work on her feet. Lisa Ann says she loved it. She get a total score of 8.

Adamme, who has immunity this week, dances to “The Time of My Life,” which is perfectly dramatic for him. During a lift, he accidentally pulls up his partner’s skirt, but, hey, she’s wearing those nude dance shorts for a reason. Adamme is definitely another contender in this competition. The judges give him a total score of 8, putting him at the top with Latoya and Erica.

Briana is a ball of energy in her “Can’t Touch This” routine. She may not be able to climb a hill, but she can rock on stage! Lisa Ann says what she lacks in technique she makes up for in attitude. She gets a dance score of 7.

Now, it’s time for weigh-ins. The percentage of body weight they lost this week will be combined with dance score. The contestant with the lowest score will go home. Adamme, who has immunity, is weighed first to see if he can win this week again. He lost 8.2 pounds!


Erica loses 6.5 pounds, and takes the lead from Adamme. Kiki is at the bottom of the group after her weigh-in, but then Latoya weighs and only lost 0.9 pounds. Because of her dancing score, she’s not at the bottom. Stephanie has lost 7.9 pounds, and takes the win for the week!

Kiki, Sarah and Meredith have the lowest scores of the week. One of them will go home. Meredith’s score falls below Kiki’s and she’s up for elimination if Sarah’s score is higher. Sarah lost 3 pounds, and is safe, so Meredith is sent home.


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