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Last Comic Standing: New York City Auditions, Part Two

June 21, 2010 07:04 PM by Nancy Floyd


The New York City auditions continue on tonight’s new episode of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing. In the final open casting call, aspiring comics try to impress the judges and earn a spot in the semi-finals. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s episode…

On tonight’s episode of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing, the auditions conclude after one more open casting call in New York City. The comics try to humor judges, Greg Giraldo, Andy Kindler, and Natasha Leggero. Jerry Rocha is the first comic to take the stage. Working in stand-up for eight years prepared Jerry for the show and after just a few minutes, the judges send him through to the showcase. Next up, afro-sporting mommy, Calise Hawkins. The judges are a bit divided on Calise’s performance but decide to give her a shot at the showcase.

Mike Vecchione is the next aspiring comedian to take the stage and immediately wows the judges with his dry humor. He makes such an impression that Andy Kindler starts talking gibberish. He says something about Mike having “tickles in his veins.” Is that a legitimate diagnosis? Sounds serious. The next comic to face the judges is a comedian robot!! He’s awesome at being a robot, but unfortunately he’s not so awesome at being funny. This, of course, leads to a montage of comedians with random schticks. The clown who shoves swords up his nose, a transvestite who swings a whip, and an old lady with a basket of fruit on her head are among the few crazy people unable to earn a spot in the showcase.


Kyle Grooms is a veteran comedian, with 15 years experience under his belt. His hilarious routine, which includes a spot-on Obama impersonation, wins him yeses from all three judges. Ryan Hamilton is a goofy looking comic who not only wins over the judges, but manages to get the entire camera crew laughing as well. The group of comedians that follow are hilarious in their own right, each earning a spot in the showcase. Next up, Nikki Glaser returns to NBC‘s Last Comic Standing after making it to the semi-finals four years ago. Her routine is just ok, but funny enough to earn a spot in the showcase.

Geeky comedian Myq Kaplan is up next and quickly earns a spot in the showcase. He’s followed by Drew Carey’s taller, thinner clone, Brian McKim whose dry routine earns him a spot in the showcase. Chris Rock’s younger brother, Jordan, however isn’t quite funny enough to get a spot. Brian McKim’s wife, Traci Skene, is also a comedienne and she earns a spot to the showcase as well.


Next, it’s time for the comics to face the judges and a live audience at the New York City showcase. The aspiring comedians take the stage and deliver their best material. After the judges deliberate, it’s time to find out which comics will be heading to the semi-finals. All in all, 11 comedians will be heading to Los Angeles for the semi-finals. Jerry Rocha, Carmen Lynche, Kyle Grooms, Mike Vecchione, Jason Weems, Ryan Hamilton, some guy, some other girl, Myq Kaplan, Nikki Glaser, and Brian McKim.

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