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The Bachelorette Takes Her Men to Iceland!

June 21, 2010 06:56 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC‘s The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky will takes the remaining bachelors to Iceland as they continue traveling around the world to win Ali’s heart! She thinks it’s a magical place…let’s find out!

Chris Harrison greets the guys when they arrive in Iceland. He tells them there will be a group date, a one-on-one date, and the dreaded two-on-one date from which one bachelor will  not return! The men learn they will have to compete for the coveted one-on-one date with Ali this week by composing the winning love poem! Chris hints that they should try to sneak in an Icelandic word for extra credit.  They have one hour.


The love poems are read in front of Ali and Chris. The other guys feel Kasey’s mumbling requires an interpreter, and Chris N forgets his lines. Kirk really steps up and makes Ali giggle, but Frank thinks he can do better, and sits with Ali on the bench as he reads.   Ali chooses Kirk since he came right up to her, and also because he hasn’t had a one-on-one date with her yet.

Ali and Kirk head out on their date, with her hoping to find out if he’s husband material. They stop in a sweater shop and spend time cracking up. They wind up leaving in matching sweaters! In a diner, she quizzes him on his dating history. He admits he has had multiple relationships, none of which lasted more than a year.  This concerns her,  and she feels he’s holding something back.  Later, over dinner, Kirk tells Ali about getting very sick in college from mold and asbestos in his dorm house, and how it affected his outlook. They kiss.  He gets the rose.


Back in the guys’ suite, they get the group date card. Roberto, Chris L, Chris N, Craig, Ty, and Frank are tapped to go. Kasey and Justin are left, meaning they get the two-on-one date. Justin senses weakness in his competition! Frank talks to Kasey, who he thinks is headed over the edge.  He urges Kasey to shine on the two-on-one date and send the wrestler home. He keeps a straight face as he says it. Justin plots to get rid of Kasey, and he begins by getting his cast off!

The next day, Ali prepares to take the six guys on an adventurous group date.  When they meet her she has horses. Ty is most at home as they saddle up and head up the trails.  Ty helps Chris, who is experiences difficulties with his horse. They are then faced with the prospect of going down into an underground cave.  Again, Ty takes a leadership role and Ali notices. So does Chris L, who makes sure he’s the first into the cave with Ali. They explore, but come out in time for sunset.


Later, she takes them to a hot spring called Blue Lagoon and strips down into her bathing suit, which gets quite a reaction. The guys pile in after her and the rose appears. Ali takes Ty off alone and they spend some very close time. Chris L is next, and some kissing happens. Frank gets his chance and Ali calls him out on sitting back during the group dates.  At rose time, Ty is confident he’ll get it – he does.

Back in the suite, Justin and Kasey bicker about who will go home, and get the two-on-one date card which reads, “Let’s explore the land of fire and ice.”

Justin and Kasey go to meet Ali, who is amazed to see Justin without crutches. They get into a helicopter to go see the volcano, which starts spewing lava as they are over it. Justin calls it a once in a lifetime experience – and that’s before they land on it and get out! It looks awesome.


Later, they go to an cavernous room in which everything is made entirely of ice, and is lit with candles. Ali spends some time with Justin who feels he says all the right things to win the rose. Ali gets alone time with Kasey next and he finally reveals the tattoo.  She takes it well, and thanks him for being himself.  When it’s time for Ali to make a decision, she starts by saying, “This sucks.” She sheds tears before giving Justin the rose, and telling Kasey she doesn’t want to hold him back. He’s left on the glacier as she and Justin leave in the helicopter.

Justin returns to the house to let the others know that Kasey is gone. Next up is the cocktail party, at which Ali admits she feels so bad about Kasey. Frank makes an effort to come forward and be the first to take her aside for a chat. They wind up sharing a kiss.  Craig, who is nervous tonight, gets the next chat with Ali. He cracks her up by showing her a pretend tattoo on his wrist! Ali tries to draw out Chris N, but he is just shell-shocked in her presence.  It’s bad.  Chris L and Ali actually start talking about if they’d relocate. Roberto gets his time, and Ali tells him she never would have come up to him – he’s too hot looking for her!


Chris Harrison announces that it’s time for the Rose Ceremony.  Craig  remarks to the camera that a good guy will leave tonight and Justin will stay in his place, and that’s a shame!

Ali talks to Chris about how great Iceland is, and then he asks about Kasey. She thinks he fell in love with the idea of falling in love with her. She feels sending him home was the right thing for both of them. Chris challenges Ali on being afraid to fall in love herself.  She admits she’s afraid she won’t be loved back.

Ali goes back to face the bachelors. Kirk, Ty, and Justin are safe. She offers roses to Frank, Chris L, Roberto, and Craig. Chris N is leaving tonight.

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