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The Next Food Network Star: Dzintra Dzenis Elimination Interview

June 21, 2010 03:23 PM by Lisa Princ


If you were hoping to see Dzintra Dzenis become The Next Food Network Star on Food Network then you are probably heart broken right now as the fiery contestant and mother of one was sent packing after last night’s elimination. Come hear what she had to say about her time on the show as well as hear some more questions and answers with Bob Tuschman. But before you keep reading for all the details, be sure to register to win The Next Food Network Star Prize Pack!

Bob Tuschman kicked off the interview once again as he answered a few nagging questions.

Question:After last night’s episode, what are the best things that the competitors on The Next Food Network Star could learn from Guy Fieri?

Bob Tuschman: There is so much to learn from Guy. He is the model of what you want to do in the competition. I’d say just be yourself 110%, he never tried to be anyone else. Guy is Guy with or without the camera on, he never changes.

Question: When judging do you give the contestants points for being daring with their dishes?

Bob Tuschman: I think we would penalize them if they played it too safe. I give them points for thinking outside of the box and putting something creative on the plate.

Question: What would you have said to Dzintra to try to change her thinking?

Bob Tuschman:I am not sure it could have been changed. Ultimately, Dzintra is such an interesting and quirky personality. Ultimately I think parts of Dzintra I could not change and they did her in as far as the competition. On the plus side though, I will say she really does have so many great qualities and a freshness about her.

Question: How do you know when you see confidence or a diva?

Bob Tuschman: They are often flip sides of the same coin [chuckles].

Up next, it was time to hear from Dzintra Dzenis, and here is what she wanted to share with her fans.

Question: Do you think the show gave accurate portrayal of you?

Dzintra Dzenis: yes and no, there are 12 contestants and they have to distribute all of us throughout the episodes. Its a hard question to answer. If I was given more time, you would have gotten see more of the real me. If I could have shown more of myself, the world could have seen more of the real Dzintra.

Question: If you had your own show, what would you focus on?

Dzintra Dzenis: The kind of person I am, very outspoken and encouraging to people cooking. Everyone makes mistakes, there is no perfect cook, and it’s ok to laugh about it. Cooking has to be fun and that can only come freedom of expression.

Question: What are the positive things for you about The Next Food Network Star?

Dzintra Dzenis: To be on Food Network, in front of all the cameras and in front of all amazingly creative people. To enhance my skills, it added much more to my cooking. The energy I have, I am going to keep with me. Life is too short, I got so many good things out of it, but my family is so happy to have me home.

Question: What are the negative things for you about The Next Food Network Star?

Dzintra Dzenis: I’d have to say just that because of stressful situation, I was not able to shine every single time that I was on camera, the way they wanted me to shine. We all have different parts to our personalities, I am human and I tried and tried but just could not shine the way they wanted me to.

Question: What is your signature dish?

Dzintra Dzenis: I have so many, I would say it is a nice piece of beef tenderloin grilled, with extra thick french fries and asparagus steamed with hollandaise sauce.

Question: What’s your favorite restaurant in your home town?

Dzintra Dzenis: My house. There are so many good restaurants here, but I love my cooking, everyone loves my cooking. My friends, family, everyone just loves my cooking so it’s here, it’s home.

Question: What’s your favorite ingredient to cook with?

Dzintra Dzenis: Definitely butter [chuckles].

Thank you to both Dzintra Dzenis and Bob Tuschman! Be sure to catch an all new episode of The Next Food Network Star on Food Network Sunday and remember to register to win The Next Food Network Star Prize Pack!

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