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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice’s Housewarming And Danielle Staub’s Breast Surgery

June 21, 2010 08:56 PM by Jennifer


Danielle Staub goes under the knife on tonight’s episode of  The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo, and Teresa Giudice has a housewarming party that would put Hollywood to shame! But what would a party be without a little drama? Keep reading to see who the newest troublemaker is!

As Danielle has said in prior episodes, she has a deformed breast implant, and she finally gets them replaced on tonight’s episode. The surgeon she meets with actually has to call in an expert because her chest is has sunk in from her implant. She has the surgery, which she says was due to pain and not cosmetic reasons, and goes home to recover with her daughters by her side. After saying that this is a new beginning for her, to make her feel more desirable. The only pain I have seen in the past episodes has been her in the butt of the Manzo family. Maybe it’s just me.

In another part of town, Teresa hires this wacky woman named Elvira to plan a housewarming party for her. Right off the bat this woman pisses Teresa off by criticizing her for not having a staff to help her out with daily things like cooking and cleaning. Not only that, but she seems to have her own ideas how she wants the party to go. But if you are a true Housewives fan like me, you know that Teresa does everything over the top! Elvira fills her house with light up bars, break dancers, and spotlights! The place looked like a fabulous Hollywood nightclub, and as her guests arrived, they walked across a red carpet. You would think this one night that there would be no drama, but of course Danielle’s friend Kim G. was invited, and she tries to tell Caroline Manzo that her sister in law Jacqueline is obsessed with Danielle, which is so far from the truth! Luckily, Jacqueline called her out on it, and it looks like the Manzo family finally found out that Kim was a rat, and they steer clear of her.


Speaking of Jacqueline, after throwing daughter Ashley out of the house for disrespecting her, she invites Ashley over to talk. Ashley wants to move back into their house, but she wants a later curfew, which she gets, and she also apologizes to her mom. I am glad they were able to work things out, there is enough drama going on!

Caroline Manzo, on the other hand, has a more serious issue to deal with. Her daughter Lauren is graduating from a makeup academy. Her son Albie was told not to return to school after not making the required grades. Albie suffers from a learning disability, which has effected his studies, and Caroline is really offended that they told Albie that he should choose another career path rather than try to be a lawyer, which is his dream. As the caring mom, Caroline tells Albie not to give up on his dreams, and fight it all the way.

This was the first episode without Dina, who was missed at a lunch that Jacqueline, Teresa and Caroline had. She brought a sense of peace to the show, but I am sure she is happy to be free of the Danielle drama!

Next week’s preview looks great, as it looks like Teresa and Danielle have it out, and the police are involved! See you after the show!

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