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True Beauty: The Search For a Ring!

June 21, 2010 07:56 PM by Candace Young


On the last episode of True Beauty on ABC, Liz didn’t make any friends with her behavior, but she got to stay when Regina was turfed for violating the show’s rules by using her cell phone! Vanessa Minillo is the judge, and Carson Kressley and Beth Stern are the hosts, as the search continues for the Face of Vegas. The episode begins with Taylor and Liz’s return…

The other hopefuls in the house are ecstatic to see Taylor return, thinking that Liz was sent home, so they’re shocked to see her come in soon after him. Liz prepares to do shots which the Amy calls a nightmare.

Vanessa tells Carson and Beth that the contestants will be taking part in a sexy photo shoot wearing nothing but food!  Carson gathers the hopefuls and fills them in on the fact that they’ll be wearing…the buffet! He says it’s a billboard photo for Planet Hollywood.


They choose their food by number. Craig gets a live crab! Others get sushi, fruit, veggies, ice cream, muffins, pasta.  They think the photo shoot is the whole challenge, but it’s whether or not they will react with compassion that is the true test.

During the shoot, an assistant will pretend to lose her engagement ring in the trash. Amy and Erika pass by helping her, Craig and Liz fail. Taylor passes, as does Michelle. David fails.

Everyone does their food photos, with Amy having a meltdown after coming away unsatisfied with her results.  Carson and Beth judge the photos, and the winner is Erika! Carson says the worst were Craig, David, and Liz. Craig and David are the bottom two, and will go to the Final Face-off.


Back at the house, David says it’s the crab against the banana (referring to the food in their photos).  As they head out, Vanessa is with Carson and Beth. They discuss David and Craig, and decide that Craig has the better attitude of the two.  Vanessa tells them that the guys will be tested on the way to Final Face-off. Two people posing as tourists will ask them to stop and take a photo for them.

Craig encounters the tourists and refuses to stop and take a picture. David does stop and takes the picture for them! Stunned, Carson, Beth, and Vanessa agree that it will all depend on their pleas to stay.

In Final Face-off,  David’s plea to remain focuses on his photo. Craig says he’s given 110% in each challenge and only chose the wrong slogan for his photo. Carson and Beth step aside to deliberate with Vanessa.  They return and thanks the guys for their statements, and announce that David is going home.  They tell him there is more to this competition than meets the eye and Vanessa explains the inner beauty catch and shows him the footage.


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