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America’s Got Talent: Portland Auditions!

June 22, 2010 07:58 PM by Candace Young


America’s biggest talent search keeps crossing the US tonight on NBC, as host Nick Cannon, and judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and Howie Mandel, take America’s Got Talent for the first time ever to Portland, Oregon. The judges note the weird vibe in the air as they arrive in town. Read on for highlights!

In the first act, The Magic Bizarre unveils an act involving changing masks, but the man with the changing face falls off the stage, prompting the judges to give ‘no’s across the board. Living Dead Girlz dance troupe is buzzed away – horrors! Bloody Maggy and her Pet are too dark and strange for words – they get gone! Vee Bee, who sings poorly while swinging on a trapeze, walks away with three ‘no’s also. Tiny Talent animal act, featuring a mad bunch of chihuahuas, causes chaos to no avail – they won’t be going to Vegas.


Jeremy from Talent, Oregon brings his mountain bike to the stage and enlists Nick as his volunteer. Nick must lay on the stage while Jeremy performs bike stunts over his face! He moves on to box tricks, but slips up once, earning him a buzz from Piers. He finishes impressively, however! Howie says ‘yes’ to more, Piers sticks with ‘no’,  and Sharon puts him through!

The judges put through a dance group, a singing duo of high school sweethearts, and a group of girls doing acro.  Airpocalypse,  a group of retro eighties rockers who play air instruments optimistically tackle Dueling Banjos followed by an Ozzy Osbourne tune. Sharon thinks they rock, Howie calls it unique, and even Piers admits he wound up enjoying it! They get three ‘yes’s! Iron Horse is a real band that gets through also!

A cellist named Rebecca Rodman feels she is a million dollar act. She shocks the judges by plugging her cello into an amp and making a lot of noise! Piers buzzes, followed by Sharon and Howie, who comments on the distortion. She’s a no go.


An epileptic indoor kite-flyer named Connor Doran is next up. He does a fantastic job of sweeping the kite around to Arms of the Angels. Piers calls it extraordinary, Howie says it was beautiful, and Sharon labels it spiritual and relaxing. He will be flying his kite in Las Vegas!

William Scott Anderson, a 14-year military medical evacuation pilot, comes to AGT to perform magic.  He folds a girl into a box and sticks swords through it – then brings her back! The judges look amazed! Sharon hollers, “Brilliant!” Piers loved the delivery, and Howie is excited to expand on this! They all say ‘yes’!

The last contestant of the Portland auditions is 75  year-old Sally Cohn who has been happily retired for twelve years.  She hand whistles America the Beautiful, and it’s surprisingly lovely. Sharon buzzes her, and receives a reprimand from Piers! Howie notes that she is unique. He asks about her licking her hands – she blames it on Nick! She is selling books and Howie buys one for twenty bucks. When he mentions reading a passage, Sally warns him to be careful – it’s not all about hand whistling! Much laughter ensues, and Howie invites her to Vegas. Sharon says ‘no’, and Sally assures her she’s not devastated. Piers says he has the name of her next book – Hand Whistling in Las Vegas!  Sally leaves on a high!

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