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Hell’s Kitchen: One Team Loses Two Chefs Tonight

June 22, 2010 08:05 PM by Lisa Princ


Gordon Ramsay kicks off another two hours of drama on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX as the double headers continue tonight. With one team making mistake after mistake and team members turning against one another, we will watch as this team loses two chefs in the same night. But the question is, is it the team you are rooting for? Keep reading for all the details!

After the loss of Jamie last week on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX would the red team be able to finally pull off some wins? While they seemed to be ready to kick some butt this week, Gordon Ramsay put everyone to the ultimate test this week: barbecue! For their first challenge, the chefs had to get down and dirty and wrangle some piglets from the mud. Each piglet had a collar on with an ingredient name in which the chefs would use to create unique dishes. Each team created 3 dishes with two of the ingredients. The blue team wound up winning the challenge due to Scott’s poor judgement on thinking that a blood sausage would go well with prunes. The blue team was treated to a spa day of relaxing while the red team would have to spend the day bathing the piglets as their punishment.

At dinner service that night on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Gordon Ramsay mixed things up by putting gourmet barbecue on the menu….easy enough, right? They would also be cooking for 2 hours per team while the other team served because they were so overbooked, they had to do two dinner services. The red team was cooking first, and as usual it was disasters in the kitchen for them. Scott tried to serve burnt chicken and Maria had one of her worst services ever. The blue team was doing the serving and order taking, which did not go too bad aside from Salvatore’s lack of writing ability, which he did end up admitting to Chef Ramsay that he had never been through school. Autumn was trying to be sneaky and have the diners send back their meals just to sabotage the red team and it worked as a few dishes were sent back.


When they flipped sides, the blue team did fairly well in the kitchen with few minor mistakes. However, Maria was a disaster on the serving and order taking. She wound taking orders that had already been taken by Holli, and ordering the wrong things in turn having dishes sent back. Chef Ramsay was not the least bit happy, and informed the red team that they had lost yet again. I am sure you all are getting used to them losing as I am. Gordon Ramsay commended Fran for her great service and asked that choose two team members to go up for elimination. Against her better judgement, and honestly I am not even sure why she did this, but she nominated Maria and Nilka. Chef Ramsay was also shocked by this, and asked Scott to join them, quickly sending Nilka back to safety. After pleading their cases, Maria was told to hand in her jacket and leave Hell’s Kitchen.

In the second half of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX the first challenge was a battle of the mother sauces. Each team member would create a dish incorporating one of the mother sauces and then they would go head to head with someone from the other team serving their dishes to Gordon Ramsay, along with both his mother and his wife. The blue team started off quickly, working as a team while the red team was falling apart. Nilka was so bitter that aside from not communicating with her team, she went off on her team prior to this. Ironically enough however, Nilka and Fran had the only two winning dishes on the red team, and Chef Ramsay’s own mother said how horrible Scott’s dish was….hmmm, I think his ego is bigger than his cooking ability. The blue team ended up winning yet challenge, in which they enjoyed a day at the pub and some new cookware, while the red team was left behind to scrub the kitchen.

Dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX was yet another disaster for the red kitchen. The diners tonight would include children, making part of the menu a little simpler and they could still not pull it off. From raw burgers to undercooked wellington, they could not do anything correct. Finally after having enough of it, Gordon Ramsay kicked the entire red team out of the kitchen and his sous chefs, along with himself completed the red kitchen dinners. The blue team sailed through again remaining focused as a team. The red team was asked return only to help clean up, or as Chef Ramsay said “Do what you do best, clean!”. It was clear that the red team has lost yet again and they would need to once again nominate two people for elimination.


When it was time for elimination and Gordon Ramsay asked who they nominated, it was no shock that Scott was put up there, but he seemed a bit shocked to hear Fran was also. When he asked Fran who she thought should be there with Scott, she claimed Siobhan should be. So Chef Ramsay called all three of them up, then told both Fran and Siobhan to get back in line as Scott was still foaming at the mouth all the reasons he should remain in Hell’s Kitchen.

Chef Ramsay then asked Scott for his jacket and said that if Scott could cook as good as he talks, he would have made it alot further. Before sending them off for the evening, Gordon Ramsay had one more surprise in store for the teams. He asked Benjamin for his jacket and then gave him a red jacket and begged him to lead this team. Benjamin vowed he would lead the red team, so we shall see how that plays out next week!

Best of luck to Maria and Scott, and be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for two more brand new drama filled hours of Gordon Ramsay and Hell’s Kitchen on FOX!

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