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Losing It With Jillian: The Northern Family

June 22, 2010 06:10 PM by Nancy Floyd


On tonight’s new episode of Losing It With Jillian on NBC, Jillian Michaels joins the Northern family to whip them into shape. Ever since dad Patrick lost his job, the family has gone into a tailspin of unhealthy eating, inactivity, and depression. With a set of 14-year old twins, Patrick and his wife, Kim, are desperate for Jillian’s help as they struggle to put their life back together…

Tonight on Losing It With Jillian, Jillian Michaels travels to Goodlettsville, Tennessee to work with the Northern family. The family consists of dad Patrick, mom Kim, and 14-year old twins, Ameer and Ameera. Things have been especially tough on the Northerns since Patrick lost his job and he’s entered into a state of depression. Kim feels overwhelmed with the amount of pressure and responsibility resting on her shoulders to care for the family.


Outside of the Northern family’s home, Jillian Michaels is watching the family consume a high-calorie meal on a TV monitor and is getting pissed. As the family piles on huge helpings of chicken wings, cornbread, and macaroni and cheese, Jillian is getting angrier and angrier. Unable to take it anymore, she calls the Northern family, interrupts their meal, and sends them to her doctor for a complete evaluation. As the doctor reveals what bad health Patrick and Kim are in, the entire family grows emotional as they ponder what might happen if a major lifestyle change doesn’t take place.

After the doctor’s appointment, Jillian Michaels meets with the Northern family for the first time. Joining them at the park, Jillian comes at them with guns blazing. Jillian is angrier than she’s been thus far on an episode of Losing It With Jillian, outraged at the terrible lifestyle Patrick and Kim are leading and the poor example they’re setting for their children. She immediately starts out with a tough workout and within minutes, Kim is crying and Patrick has quit. Ameera is upset that her dad isn’t participating and that’s all the ammunition Jillian needs to get up in Patrick’s face and start screaming. It’s only a few minutes until the entire family is in tears…again.


Back at the house after the workout, Jillian Michaels gets right to work in the kitchen throwing out their unhealthy lunch leftovers and hidden junk food. When Jillian discovers a 5-gallon jug of oil for the deep fryer, it looks as though her head might explode. The next morning, Jillian gets a brief glimpse into Kim’s emotional struggles and the burden she’s carrying for the entire family. After getting Patrick and Kim equipped with their “body bug,” Jillian Michaels begins another grueling workout with the pair at the gym. She’s hoping that Patrick will prove to her that he’s ready to work to get his health back.


Back at home, Kim’s sister, LaTasha comes over to meet Jillian. As the three women prepare dinner, LaTasha tells Jillian that Kim opted not to celebrate her 40th birthday because she was embarrassed about her weight. Jillian pops in on Patrick as he’s putting together music for a high school Greek show that includes stomping and stepping. Kim lets Jillian know that Patrick could’ve participated in the show if he wanted, but he chose not to. Curious about the show, Jillian Michaels convinces the whole family to attend it that night. While they’re in the audience, Jillian tries to convince Patrick to participate in a step show just like he used to. Kim, Ameera, and Ameer want him to participate too, but he won’t budge, saying that stepping no longer interests him. Kim and Jillian suspect that his fear of failure has more to do with his stubbornness.


Desperate to break through to Patrick, Jillian Michaels devises a plan to get Kim to fall apart during the next workout to see if Patrick will be moved. It’s not long until Kim is weeping and she pours out her heart to Patrick. He finally listens to what she has to say and determines to make a change. Back at home, he gets to work doing repairs around the house to make his wife happy. Jillian continues to be tough on Patrick, hoping to get him to take ownership for the family’s problems. In an effort to help Patrick take the lead, Jillian puts him in charge of Kim’s workout. His enthusiasm is a welcome relief to Kim who is ready to have her husband back after months of depression.

Next on Losing It With Jillian, Jillian Michaels takes the Northerns to the local roller skating rink for a fun family activity. Patrick is scared to get on the rink, but with a little prodding from Jillian and his kids, Patrick gets out on the floor. And ends up on the floor….literally. The dude falls about 25 times, but he has a good attitude about it and the entire family enjoys their time together.


On Jillian Michaels’ final day with the Northern family, she takes them to the state capital for another workout. It’s also time for the family to set their goals for the next eight weeks until Jillian returns. Patrick wants to lose 60 lbs. and open up more to his wife and Kim wants to lose 40 lbs. and celebrate her 40 +1 birthday. Jillian has one more emotional powwow with the Northern family before she gets on the road.

After eight weeks have passed, Jillian Michaels returns to Tennessee to see how the Northern family has progressed. She joins the Northerns’ family and friends for a surprise birthday party for Kim (thrown by Patrick). The group waits in anticipation to see how Patrick and Kim look. Patrick is the first to appear and he looks amazing and full of confidence. Kim is surprised by the party, but the crowd is even more surprised by Kim’s fabulous new look. Kim exceeded her goal and lost 41 lbs. and four dress sizes during the time while Jillian was away. Patrick also exceeded his weight loss goal, dropping 61 lbs. Jillian Michaels bestows a check for $50,000 upon the Northern family, but before the episode is over, Patrick has one more surprise. He performs a step routine for Kim’s birthday in front of the entire party!

Next week on Losing It With Jillian, Jillian Michaels works with a family whose 14-year old son weighs in at a shocking 331 pounds!

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