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America’s Got Talent: Portland Auditions Day Two!

June 23, 2010 06:56 PM by Candace Young


NBC‘s talent search show, America’s Got Talent, continues the search for great entertainers in Portland, Oregon tonight.  The auditions begin disappointingly for host Nick Cannon, and judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and Howie Mandel. Read on to find out why!

A 38 year-old cab driver is the first hopeful to take the stage tonight.  He comes out in white garb, with white paint on his eyes and proceeds to make a deep groaning noise, which Piers buzzes, then imitates! It’s a no go.  The Amazing Amy, a contortionist, doesn’t fare any better. Hart Keene, a stripped down magician who swallow needles, is also turfed. Natasha, who wears a pink wig and is an atrocious singer, also gets three ‘no’s.

The Hot Shot Tap Dancers, who are brothers and sisters, tell the judges it’s time to bring tap to the masses. Their high energy act, set to a Black Eyed Peas tune, is a hit! Howie loved it and notes their connection, Piers liked the feel of it, but wasn’t wild about the choreography, and Sharon is so glad they came to the show! Three ‘yes’s result!


Ryan and Isabelle are a couple who plan to dance on a rock climbing wall! Their strong and sensual dance is deemed ‘good weird’ by Nick Cannon. It’s certainly unique. Piers calls it brilliant, Sharon notes how graceful and controlled they were, and Howie says he drives his wife up a wall, but they do it so much more beautifully! They’re going to Vegas!

Rated Next Generation (RNG) ages 11 -13 are dancers hoping for a chance to head to Vegas. They are dressed in black and wear masks. They do a hip hop/pop n’ lock style dance which is really good! The judges like it, and feel they have potential. They garner three ‘yes’ votes! Paul Safy Jr. wows the audience with his crooner voice. He gets put through too! A doubles trapeze act called Sky Sirens, which is ‘totally dangerous’ wins three ‘yes’s as well. Ken Jenkins, a senior in high school, plays a PVC instrument built by himself and his father – it’s a go!

Ryan Compton, who is a janitor, has come to audition in Portland. He expects to blow America away with his singing and dancing.  He’s weird and awful. All three buzzers go. Harmonica Pierre, who is 72 years-old will play the harmonica for the judges and crowd.  He’s quite accomplished, but it takes a moment for the audience to catch on.  Piers says he brought a touch of class to the show. Howie says ‘yes’,  Sharon says ‘no’, and Piers gives him a ‘yes’!


Two sisters with Cystic Fibrosis are next on the stage. Ali and Christina sing The Climb. The audience gets to its feet! Howie, Sharon, and Piers all say ‘yes’!

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