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Hell’s Kitchen: Maria Torrisi And Scott Hawley Exclusive Interview

June 23, 2010 08:44 AM by Lisa Princ


On the double header of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX last night, we watched as Gordon Ramsay sent Maria Torrisi packing followed by Scott Hawley. We had a chance today to sit down with these two quirky chefs and hear what they had to say. Grab a cup of coffee and read on for all the details!

As both Maria Torrisi and Scott Hawley faced Gordon Ramsay‘s chopping block last night, neither was expecting to go home. Here is what they both wanted to share with us.

RTVM: You both came off as strong chefs, so what happened?

Maria Torrisi: I do respect Gordon Ramsay and his decision. He obviously did not think I was the best chef and I understand that.

Scott Hawley: When I watched the show, because I had it on my DVR, I thought they portrayed me in a different way than the previous few weeks, and I actually thought they portrayed me better. So when I found out that I was released, I was shocked to say the least. When I came into this competition, I was certain I would not be leaving but I would be crowned the winner of Hell’s Kitchen.

RTVM: Maria, why did you crack last night?

Maria Torrisi: I had enough. I was taken back at first by Holli, who is normally quiet and I was just like “don’t do that to me”. You know, when the sous chef asked us to make large hush puppies and our gut said to make them small, we should have gone with our guts. We just did as they told us to instead of replying with our own options. I think if we done that, maybe it would have changed the outcome of the evening.

Scott Hawley: I completely agree with Maria that we should have gone with our gut feelings. We were working together and there were like 5 or 6 dishes on that station to cook. They told us we would be doing barbecue and this was a fried food station. It was crazy and I feel like we were set up to fail, the best fry cook anywhere could not have run that station any better than we did.


RTVM: Gordon Ramsay seemed to think this would be an easy task for everyone, but it wasn’t was it?

Scott Hawley: Nothing in Hell’s Kitchen is ever easy. We spent all this time studying recipes and cooking over and over the same dishes and then they throw us for this loop at the last minute by telling us we are cooking something completely different.

RTVM: What did you both think when you saw the piglets last night?

Maria Torrisi: I was happy that we only had to catch it. I mean the last time I had to break down something like that was culinary school and I did not enjoy it. We just had to break down a tuna a few weeks ago and it was not fun.

Scott Hawley: I disagree here. I enjoy doing that, breaking down any type of food. I enjoy anything that relates to cooking and the kitchen. It would have been a good learning experience if we had to kill a baby pig. A few weeks ago when we were on the helicopter ride, a few of us were actually upset that the girls got to break down tuna. I would have much rather been breaking down that tuna than taking a helicopter ride. It was fun washing them as well, although a few of us nearly drowned them accidentally when cleaning them [chuckles].

RTVM: Scott, in last week’s episode you were shown mentoring Salvatore. Were you upset or hurt that he put you up for elimination that evening?

Scott Hawley: No I was not upset. He and I became good friends. I would wake up, we’d go exercise and go over our day’s production. Salvatore has a difficult time with English and I really do like him. Just being who I am, working as a chef it is in my nature to help and coach others. I tried to help him understand things and honestly I was the only person that made any mistakes that night. Prior to that, we had put up the wrong person for elimination and we all got scolded by Gordon Ramsay and were under constant scrutiny. Sal and I had a 30 to 40 minute conversation beforehand, so I knew he would be putting me up there. When I left, we left on good terms and still remain friends.


RTVM: What is next for you both, and do you have anything you’d like to share with your fans?

Maria Torrisi: Right now I am a sous chef for the Hilton in Scranton and I will continue that. I have only my executive chef over me and he does most of the paperwork while I do 90% of the production for banquets and I love it. It was a fun experience on Hell’s Kitchen but I will go back to my life now. You know, people don’t realize that chefs are so very consumed with their duties that they really have no life. It’s get up every day and do the same thing over and over, but I love it.

Scott Hawley: I’ll always be cooking for a living. Right now I am working as the executive chef at Blue Bell Cafe in New York City. We started this place from scratch and are very proud of it. Hell’s Kitchen was definitely fun and a great learning experience. At the end of the day though it was my performance that got me sent home. I should have kept my mouth shut and focused more on myself than helping everyone else.

Best of luck to Maria and Scott, and be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for two more brand new drama filled hours of Gordon Ramsay and Hell’s Kitchen on FOX!

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