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So You Think You Can Dance 6/23/10: Top 10 Take The Stage!

June 23, 2010 08:34 PM by Nancy Floyd


The top 10 finalists take the stage tonight on an all new episode of So You Think You Can Dance! The exciting and moving performances range from lyrical hip-hop to Bollywood to krump to jazz. Keep reading for all the details on how your favorite dancers performed, who was way out of their comfort zones, and which dancers wowed the judges…

On tonight’s all new episode of So You Think You Can Dance, the top 10 finalists will be taking the stage with the SYTYCD All-Stars! At the start of the episode, Cat Deeley gives viewers a little glimpse of what happened after last week’s results show. The top 10 dancers chose their partners and dance styles. Here’s what to expect on tonight’s episode:

Billy will be doing Krump with Comfort; Lauren will be doing Lyrical Hip-Hop with Dominic; Adechike will be doing a Contemporary routine with Allison; Kent will be doing a Jazz performance with Courtney; Melinda will be dancing a Contemporary piece with Ade; Alex will be taking on Broadway with Lauren; Cristina gets to perform a Paso Doble with (a hopefully shirtless) Pasha; Ashley’s partnering with Mark for a jazz routine; Robert and Anya are taking on the Argentine Tango; and Jose will try his hand at Bollywood with Katherine. That means All-Stars Twitch and Neil have the night off. Boo.


Salsa dancer Cristina and ballroom stud Pasha are the first couple to take the stage, performing a dangerous Paso Doble choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. Based on their rehearsal footage, it seems that the pair has a loooong way to go to master this difficult, stunt-heavy routine. Not surprisingly, the pair seems to sail through the performance flawlessly. And honestly, if they do make a few mistakes, I’m not paying attention because Pasha is shirtless. FINALLY! The judges love the entire performance, calling it “wonderful,” “the perfect partnership,” and “mucho caliente.”

Adechike is the next finalist to perform. partnered with season two All-Star Allison. The pair is performing an emotional Mandy Moore contemporary routine. Adechike’s main obstacle is to find the emotion in the routine and connect with his partner, especially after his dull performance last week. As the pair dances to “Listen to Your Heart” (leave it to Mandy Moore to always pick 80′s music…love that girl!), it seems evident that Adechike is trying super hard to convey emotion. Unfortunately, his idea of conveying emotion is plastering a big goofy grin on his face. Regardless of that, he and Allison dance effortlessly and the routine is beautiful. The judges see a major improvement in Adechike from last week, but want to see a bit more. The best quote from the judging panel thus far: “Dance is an art form, but also a heart form” (Mia Michaels). Where do they come up with this crap?!

Alex and Lauren will be doing a Fosse-inspired Broadway routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Want to know what Fosse-inspired Broadway means? Basically wearing a fedora, snapping your fingers a lot, and nodding your head in beat to the music. Oh, and also wearing skin tight leather pants, although those might be optional. The judges don’t have a negative thing to say about Alex’s technicality, but they wish he had a little more inner fire come through in his performance.


Ashley is up next, partnering with Mark for a Jazz dance choreographed by Travis Wall. The premise of the routine is that Ashley has broken up with Mark, but decides she wants him back. I’d want him back too. That dude is adorable! The strong performance captures their emotion through an amazing amount of lifts, jumps, and sprints around the stage. It also includes one of the freakiest and most awesome stunts in So You Think You Can Dance history: basically Ashley sprints across the stage, jumps through Mark’s arms, and does a flip. Trust me, it was a lot cooler than I described it. The judges enjoyed Ashley’s routine, but didn’t feel that the dance was really jazz, rather more contemporary. Um, isn’t that the fault of the choreographer? Why is Ashley getting rebuked for a minor technicality on Travis Wall’s part?

Next, Billy is krumping with Comfort. Oh Lord Jesus, help us all. Choreographed by Lil C, Billy is hoping to bring out his inner “buckness.” I’m bored about ten seconds into this routine, which might have more to do with the fact that I just don’t get krump as a form of dance than that Billy and Comfort aren’t doing a good job. Billy seems to get through the steps all right, but he looks like a little boy playing dress-up in a gang member’s wardrobe to me. All in all, the judges weren’t impressed with Billy’s performance, but give him props for trying a style so vastly different than his own.

Robert and Anya are gracing the stage next for an Argentine Tango choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. The steamy routine is strong, graceful, and sexy as all get out. Nigel Lythgoe thought the pair gave one of the greatest performances of the night, but Mia Michaels begs to differ. She thinks Anya was the stronger dancer, but Anya quickly jumps to Robert’s defense. Adam Shankman thought Robert was amazing, but he looked terrified. If you saw the number of times Anya’s spiked heels were flying at his head, you’d be terrified too.


Tap dancer Melinda will be doing a contemporary routine with Ade choreographed by Stacey Tookey. The piece is inspired by man’s relationship to Mother Earth. The performance seems a little awkward and shaky, but the judges love it! Nigel Lythgoe, Mia Michaels, and Adam Shankman are all thoroughly impressed by Melinda’s beautiful lines and legs, despite the fact that her background is in tap.

B-boy Jose is the next dancer to be stepping completely out of his comfort zone, taking on a Bollywood routine with Katherine. Jose is totally out of his element working with choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan. The genie-in-a-bottle  theme seems the perfect choice considering that Jose actually looks a bit like Aladdin. Especially in that Bollywood costume. I just want him to get on magic carpet with Katherine and sing, “I can show you the world…” Ok, back to the dance. It’s fun, energetic, colorful, and Jose only looks lost about 20% of the time. The judges think that technically, Jose was a mess, but performance-wise, he shined. They love the joy, passion, and enthusiasm that he brings to everything he tries.


Lauren is taking the stage next with her partner, Dominic. They’ll be tackling an emotional hip-hop lyrical routine based on abusive relationships with newbie choreographer, Tessandra Chavez. The dance is an equal mix of cool, moving, and disturbing and Lauren and Dominic dance it brilliantly. The judges love the performance quality and praise Lauren for taking their criticisms from last week to heart.

The final couple to take the stage is Kent and Courtney doing a jazz routine from Tyce Diorio. The premise of the dance is the sexual tension between an on-again, off-again couple. Sweet little farm boy Kent is certainly out of his element (yet again) playing a sex-crazed fiend. Don’t even get me started on his S&M-inspired getup. Technically, the routine was great, but the judges want more maturity and personality from him.

Did you vote for your favorite? Who do you think should be eliminated this week?

Tune into So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow night at 9pm EST on FOX to see which dancer will be sent home!

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