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Top Chef: Healthy School Lunch

June 23, 2010 07:59 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a brand new episode of Top Chef on Bravo, the chefs are put to the ultimate test: creating a healthy school lunch on a school budget. With a crazy quickfire challenge and drama beginning to brew as some big personalities clash, this is one episode you won’t want to miss! Keep reading for all the details.

First up for the contestants tonight on Top Chef on Bravo, was their quickfire challenge. This week they would be teaming up in two’s to create a tasty sandwich…but there’s a twist as always. The chefs would have to wear an apron which would join them at the hip, leaving each chef the use of only one arm! The winning pair would get immunity in the elimination challenge. The chefs drew knives to see whom they would be paired up with and immediately began creating their sandwiches. Joined by guest judge and white house chef Sam Kass, Padma were torn between Angelo and Tracy’s flounder with spicy mayo and Ed and Kenny’s open faced tuna with asian slaw. The winner who ended up gaining immunity was Angelo and Tracy, making that three wins in a row for Angelo!


When it was time for the elimination challenge on Top Chef on Bravo, Sam Kass explained how Michelle Obama is looking to end childhood obesity and they would like to start in the schools. With this, they would be put in four player teams, with each team making a healthy school lunch consisting of a main course, a side, vegetables and a dessert all of which should be low in fat and sugar, but high in nutrition. The real test on this challenge would be the budget, a measly $134 to feed 50 children, which is exactly why school lunches are so unhealthy. Since Angelo and Tracy won the quickfire, they were asked to pick the team they wanted to work with. Angelo almost immediately picked Kenny and Ed, but I believe he had an ulterior motive as he later stated to Tracy that he didn’t like Kenny – he knew if they lost Kenny had a fifty percent chance of going home versus everyone else who had a twenty five percent chance. I wonder if he is a bit threatened by Kenny?

As Tom Colicchio took a walk through since this is so near and dear to him as his mother worked doing school lunches for a long time, he was surprised to see how Angelo’s team was not preparing a very healthy dish and he noticed Jacqueline making pudding…wonder if that was a smart choice. The children enjoyed their gourmet lunches on Top Chef on Bravo but then it was time for the judges to taste the dishes. They were not thrilled Angelo’s team as they lacked vegetables. They were also not very happy with Amanda, Stephen, Tamesha and Jacqueline’s team either as Amanda did a sherry chicken, yet they ran out of money in their budget for the pudding, leaving Jacqueline to add additional sugar to the pudding which is exactly what they were trying to avoid.


At the critics table on Top Chef on Bravo, the winning team was Arnold, Kelly, Lynn and Tiffany who went with a healthy taco lunch. While the judges loved every dish from them, the winner for her tacos was Kelly! Then they brought back Ed, Kenny, Jacqueline and Amanda for their dishes in which they thought were the worst ones. Despite her best efforts to make the pudding healthy, Jacqueline was unable to with her restricted budget which forced her to use an additional two pounds of sugar. This was ultimately her downfall as she was asked to pack her knives and leave! I guess she should have spoken up about spending money on Sherry but not dessert ingredients.

Be sure to tune in next week for another new episode of Top Chef on Bravo!

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