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Work of Art: Judge a Book By Its Cover

June 23, 2010 08:15 PM by Rebecca Ford


Work of Art: The Next Great Artist challenges the contestants to meld art with the written word when they are asked to create covers for famous books. Competition gets tough as the artists try to bring the meaning of the book into their creation.

Miles is a hot topic in the house because he’s won two challenges in a row. The other contestants are ready to win one.  When the artists arrive, China is standing in front of giant question marks. The artists choose paint tubes with words on them ranging from “Love” to “Monster.”

They walk around the giant question marks to reveal six classic book covers. Each artist will be creating covers for these books. Although two contestants share the same book titles, it will be an individual competition. The winning design will be published on a Penguin book! The winner will not receive immunity, however.

The artists travel to the art store to buy supplies with $100, and then get to work in the studio.


Miles, who has Frankenstein, feels bad he’s never read it, and decides he can read it in four hours. Nao has Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, so she chooses to do some self-portraits. Jacklyn decides to do a sexy photoshoot in the bathroom for her piece, which makes Nao wonder. Miles finishes Frankenstein, and is totally inspired by it. He decides to create an electrical fire on a board.

Simon de Pury stops by to check on the artists. He’s concerned with many of the artists’ choices. He worries about Mark’s first design for Dracula, but he really likes his second version. He’s not sure if Judith’s fingerprint design captures the essence of the book.

Time is moving fast, and the artists are scrambling to get the work done. Ryan realizes he spelled Jekyll wrong. Oops! Miles sets up his electrical fire on the roof, which doesn’t work at first, so he just lights it on fire with a lighter. Judith’s finger-painting confuses the other contestants, and even she starts to panic about it.

The artists go home at midnight, and the next day they have very little time to work on their piece. Abdi is basically starting from scratch on the second day. He finishes at the very last minute.


At the gallery show, the judges check out the cover art. They then call some of the artists in to talk to them more about their pieces. They like John’s piece for The Time Machine for its color and design. Judith is criticized for her work because she writes the text backwards, and confuses the judges. Mark’s Dracula cover is praised for its commercial appeal. Jaclyn’s piece is called generic, and then the judges point out that she spelled the name of the writer, Jane Austen, wrong. Ouch. The judges then ask Judith what she thinks of Jaclyn’s piece, who criticizes it even more.

As they wait for the judges to deliberate, Jaclyn gets upset and cries. The judges award John the win for his The Time Machine cover, and Judith is sent home for her backwards piece.

Next week, the artists will create a piece of controversial art. That’s sure to be a shocking episode!


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