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So You Think You Can Dance 6/24/10: Another Dancer Is Eliminated & A Special Guest Performs!

June 24, 2010 07:19 PM by Nancy Floyd


It’s time for another results episode of So You Think You Can Dance! After last night’s performances, another dancer will be eliminated from the competition tonight. Will your favorite be sent home? Also, a special, amazingly talented guest stops by for a mind-blowing performance. Keep reading for all the details on tonight’s episode…

Tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance starts off with a group performance from the top 10 finalists. Given the awkward poses and jerky movements throughout this routine, I’m guessing this contemporary piece was choreographed by Sonja Tayeh. And it was.

Cat Deeley takes the stage looking super hot in a black leather mini dress and wastes a few minutes with fluff from the judges. Nigel Lythgoe uses the opportunity to discuss his made-up holiday, National Dance Day. He’s now trying to bribe people to buy into his crazy idea by offering them fame. If you have a cool idea of how you’re going to celebrate National Dance Day, post it to the website and maybe some So You Think You Can Dance cameras will come out and film you. Then again, if you have nothing better to do but brainstorm ways to celebrate a make-believe holiday, you might be a little too lame to be on TV. Just saying.


Not wanting to waste anymore time talking about fictional holidays, Cat Deeley calls out the first three dancers to deliver the results from last night’s show. Adorable small-town boy Kent is up first and although he didn’t receive stellar reviews from the judges for his sexy routine with Courtney, he’s safe tonight. Of course he is. The 12-year old girls that vote for this show are dreaming of one day becoming Mrs. Kent Boyd. Next up, Adechike and Cristina’s results: they both got great reviews from the judges, but Cristina’s routine wasn’t enough to bring in the votes. Even with a shirtless Pasha dancing beside her! What is wrong with people!?! Cristina is the first dancer in the bottom three.

It’s time for Cat Deeley to deliver the results to the next four dancers. Despite receiving so-so reviews from the judges for his Broadway routine with Lauren, Alex earns enough votes to keep him safe for another week. The fans were also crazy about Jose’s Bollywood routine so he’s secure for another week too. Ashley’s jazz routine with Mark kept her safe, but Melinda’s earthy contemporary routine wasn’t enough to garner votes. For the second week in a row, Melinda is the second dancer in the bottom three tonight.


The final three dancers to receive the results of last night’s voting are Lauren, Billy, and Robert. Lauren’s lyrical hip-hop routine with Dominic keeps her safe for another week. Between Billy’s krump routine with Comfort and Robert’s Argentine tango with Anya, the fans preferred the krump routine. Say WHAATTT?!?!?! How is that possible?! Did the fans watch the krump routine? It was awful! Meanwhile, Robert smoldered onstage with Anya. Robert will be joining Melinda and Cristina in the bottom three to dance…for….his….life.

Before the bottom three can take the stage, there’s a special performance from Bryan Gaynor (the amazing pop-and-locker who suffers from scoliosis) and his dance crew, Remote Control. The three-man troupe takes the stage, wearing gold outfits and masks, and proceeds to completely and utterly blow my mind. If not for the fact that they pull their masks off at the end to reveal their human faces, I would’ve been convinced that they were robots. Amazing.


Cristina is the first dancer to take the stage in an effort to impress the judges and stay in the competition. She shakes her hips all across the stage and flings her hair around. Does anyone else find it incredibly awkward when ballroom dancers have to perform a solo? Next up, Melinda performs a cutesy tap routine that seems a little awkward to me. Robert delivers the most emotional performance of the trio, but for reasons unbeknownst to me, decides to dance in his gym shorts and a t-shirt. Does no one realize the value of going shirtless anymore?!

While the judges deliberate, it’s time for a musical performance by Costa Rican superstar, Debbie Nova. Um, who? Oh, I get it….she’s like a poor man’s Shakira. In an effort to make her look as though she actually belongs on the So You Think You Can Dance stage, she recruits six of the All-Stars to back her up so while they legitimately dance, she just walks back and forth. To the untrained eye though, you might think she has dancing skills, but alas, she does not. She can, however, wave her hands in the air like she just don’t care with the best of them. Given the lack of unity from the All-stars backing her up, I’m guessing they had about 20 minutes before the show started to throw together this routine.


It’s time for Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman, and Mia Michaels to deliver the news about which dancer they’ve decided to eliminate this week. The judges were divided in the decision, but were unanimous in their opinion to keep Robert around so he’s safe. Nigel Lythgoe was hoping to send home tap dancer Melinda, but Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman overruled him and decide to send home Cristina instead. It’s down to six guys and only three ladies on So You Think You Can Dance!

Tune into So You Think You Can Dance next Wednesday night at 8pm EST on FOX to see the top 9 take the stage!

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