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The Bachelor: Jake Pavelka on Extra Tonight

June 24, 2010 11:32 AM by Christine McDow

Jake Pavelka
is going to appear in his first television interview with Mario Lopez on Extra tonight.  This will be your first chance to hear from him since what is becoming a messy break up with Vienna Girardi, the winner of his heart this spring during The Bachelor.  We have heard what Vienna Girardi has to say about the break up, and sadly the rumors are that she has sold their story to tabloids, but this will be the first time Jake Pavelka talks on camera about it.  Will you be watching?

Many people believed that it was only a matter of time before Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi called it quits.  Others were genuinely shocked by the break up of the couple that has seemed to withstand all the bad press they have received since The Bachelor ended.  Here is some of what Jake Pavelka has to say to Mario Lopez on Extra! tonight.

Quote 1: “Like any relationship, you know, you have problems,” Jake told to “Extra’s” Mario Lopez. “You’re two different people. You have to work things out.”

Quote 2: “When I got down on one knee I meant it. I loved her and was willing to fight for her. In my opinion, you really don’t break up until you’re ready to about kill each other — or you sell the other person out.”

Vienna has stated, or had her step-mother state, that Jake froze her out in the bedroom. Jake responds to this comment as well.


Quote 3: “You know when you first fall in love, you’ve got that puppy love, and you just reach up and grab the girl. Every relationship goes through that and then it ends. Then it’s built on love and trust, romance and compassion. And respect. There was a serious lack of respect in the relationship. When you’re disrespected as a man, do you really want to grab your woman, throw her on a bed and love on her? It doesn’t make you want to do that. Obviously, there was a lack of intimacy in our relationship.”

So Jake Pavelka claims that Vienna Girardi disrespected him. Do you agree?

Jake Pavelka also discusses the jealousy rumors that have been floating around. He admits that there was jealousy, but does not say it had to do with the rumored affair that Vienna was having. According to Jake it was Vienna who was jealous of Jake’s new fame from The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars and his acting gigs.

Is there a chance they will get back together? Jake says clearly no. He loves her, but is not in love with her. Will forgive, but not forget.

Whatever the truth is and whatever the future holds, we wish them both luck! And Jake, we would LOVE to interview you again! We can throw a real backyard party, friends, back flips and all.  Current events need not be mention.  :)

For more of this interview from Extra click here and tune in tonight on your local station!

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