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Wife Swap: Logan And Flannigan Families

June 25, 2010 07:42 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on a new episode of Wife Swap on ABC we’ll meet the Flannigan and Logan families. With one family living like they are still in the 1800′s and the other living an extremely high tech lifestyle, you know there is going to be drama and fun! Keep reading for all the details on what happens when these wives swap lives!

First up on Wife Swap on ABC, we met the Flannigan family from Alabama. Lana and Steven live a quiet 1800′s lifestyle with their two children. They attend 1800′s style “rendezvous” where they perform various acts from the 1800′s and the gender roles of the 1800′s are strictly followed. Their log cabin home is decorated with 1800′s decor, as well as Steven’s handmade crafts and wood workings. The family does not own many technological items nor do they have any toys for their 9 year old son, instead he plays with dirt and bugs. Steven does not communicate well at all with his family and his children seems to be suffering from it.

On the other side of the world in California on Wife Swap on ABC we met the Logan family. Heather and Jim raise their children with every technology possible. Heather is the breadwinner while Jim is the stay at home dad or fourth child. While the children sit at home and play video games most of the time, Jim, who spend most of his time relaxing has also started his own business of scooping up dog poop from people’s property. This family loves the loud life and have parties often, in which Jim is the life of the party throwing jokes at everyone.


During the swap on Wife Swap on ABC it was quite comical to watch prissy Heather have to get dressed in 1800′s clothing and head to a “rendezvous”. Heather did not think it was funny however and when she took over she tried to bring this family up to speed. She focused on Steven, who was not spending much time with his family. She brought in some video games for Steven and his son, which seemed to bring them closer together. Then she started in on Steven’s wood work and crafts, trying to get him to see that if he would start selling these things as he makes them, how much better off they would be. Steven did manage to open up and spend quality time with his kids, but he would not budge on his work, he refused to sell anything that he made.

In California, Lana was playing dress up, getting dolled up and heading out to Heather’s job while Jim stayed at home with the kids. When it was Lana’s turn to takeover, she took away all the video games and decided to take the family on a “rendezvous” of her own, or camping out basically. She had the boys reenact killing their own food by making Jim dress up as a deer and have the boys “hunt” him down. Later on, she brought over a bunch of Heather’s friends to come and make Jim the center of their jokes as he often did to them, but Jim was not happy about it and walked out. In another attempt to get Jim to learn something, Lana tried to get him a real job as a construction worker, but again he walked out when they all started to laugh and poke fun at what he does all day, claiming he was not a real man.

At the table meeting on Wife Swap on ABC, neither one of the Logans would keep quiet for two seconds to hear what anyone else had to say. Steven and Lana since have become more involved with the children and have begun letting them have friends over to play. Heather and Jim have started to take the boys camping, modernly that is. Aside from that Heather and Jim did not seem to take much from the swap, and I doubt they ever will….some people just never learn!

Be sure to tune in next Friday at 8 pm EST for another episode of Wife Swap on ABC.

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