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The Next Food Network Star: Chili Peppers And Chefs Jonathan Waxman, Susan Feniger And Eric Greenspan!

June 27, 2010 08:33 PM by Jennifer


Things really heat up tonight on a brand new episode of  The Next Food Network Star! As the final nine contestants take on a chili pepper challenge, they face more heat when they must cook for three master chefs! How did they do, and who went home? Keep reading to find out!!

For their Camera Challenge, the remaining nine contestants are faced with the task of choosing one hot pepper from all different varieties of peppers and create a unique dish in 45 minutes. The prize: having their dish added to the menu of Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill Restaurants for one week! The contestants jump at the chance to be on a menu of a famed restaurant, and also jump on each other when it is every man for himself to grab their peppers the fastest. Not only must their dish be great, they must also shine on camera.

After 45 minutes of cooking, the presentations begin, and Aria forgot to say the name of the pepper she used, which was a huge mistake since her viewers were unable to taste her dish themselves, so the description has to be perfect. In Herb’s dish, the judges could not taste the heat of the pepper, and although Serena slowed down her talking, Bobby Flay said her dish was bland. Brad and Brianna seemed to be the ones who cooked the dishes with the most flavors, and Herb and Das had the least liked dishes. Ultimately, Brianna’s dish won them over.


The other contestants realize they need to step it up as they are approached with their Star Challenge on tonight’s The Next Food Network Star, which is to cook the favorite meal of each of three Master Chefs, Jonathan Waxman (who appeared on Top Chef Masters& is Bobby Flay’s mentor), Susan Feniger and Eric Greenspan. Each chef picks a dish, and the contestants must come up with an updated favorite interpretation of that dish. They are divided into groups of three, but each is working on their own and competing on their own. Tom, Aarti and Herb must recreate Jonathan Waxman’s favorite dish of lamb and potatoes. Serena, Brad and Brianna get to recreate Susan Feniger’s fav, fried chicken with iceberg lettuce, and Das, Aria and Paul must cook Eric Greenspan’s steak with macaroni and cheese.

After they are done preparing their dishes, each contestant provides a story about how their dish was inspired by something in their childhood, which was hard for Herb because of bad past memories. But Serena told a great story of being a little girl in Italy in her Grandmother’s kitchen. As far as the food, Serena breaded her chicken, and did not fry it, which the committee noticed right away. Brianna made a fried chicken and waffles dish, but Bobby Flay said it could do without the waffles.

Das made a steak with a relish made of three types of berries, which just doesn’t sound good at all. Berries and steak? But Paul does the biggest shocker yet and doesn’t even bother to use steak, instead he switches it for a pork loin! Either he is really stupid or a genius! He explained to the judges that as a child his family could not afford steak, so he made the dish with pork to interpret it his way and put his own spin on it. Too bad it spun into the “nice try, but no” column with the judges.

Aria’s steak fajitas and mac & cheese just did not go well together. Aarti, on the other hand made lamb kabobs that they all loved. They chose one winner from each of the three dishes. They completely insulted Aria by telling her she won by default because the other two dishes were mediocre at best. Aarti clearly won for her tasty lamb kabobs, and in the fried chicken category, Brad took home the win.

All three of them are asked to leave the room, and Susan Feniger told Brianna, Tom, & Paul that they are safe from elimination this week, which leaves herb, Serena and Das. When they are brought back in, they tell fast talker Serena that she is safe. When it came down to Das and Herb, the selection committee chose Das to go home this week. He has a great personality, but not what it takes to be The Next Food Network Star!! It is now down to eight! Who will take the title of The Next Food Network Star? Tune in next week to see if your favorite gets eliminated!

Tune in next Sunday at 9 PM for another episode of The Next Food Network Star! See you after the show!

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