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Dance Your Ass Off: Latin Week Heats Up the Dance Floor

June 28, 2010 11:03 PM by Rebecca Ford


The weight-loss dance show spices it up this week with Latin dances. But tension breaks out in the group when a dance misstep becomes a point of disagreement.

The contestants of Dance Your Ass Off visit the Rumba Room, and see some very talented Latin dancers. Then, Mel B comes twirling onto he floor showing off her moves.

She announces that this week’s challenge is Latin. Adamme is pumped because, hello, he’s Latin. The contestants discover that they’ll be dancing with another pair, and they quickly pair off.

They then find out that their cardio will be tested right now with an ass-a-thon. They’re taught a Latin dance combination, and will have to repeat it over and over again.  If they miss a step, they’ll be out. Whoever lasts the longest will earn an extra point this week.

It comes down to Latoya and Katie, and then the contestants notice that Latoya missed a step. The contestants begin cheering for Katie, so Latoya quits. She then gets an argument with Michael about it, which leads to tears.


The contestants return to the house, and there’s a lot of tension in the room. They practice with their partners in their groups. They will have a combined score, so they have to work together.

Briana and Adamme are practicing, but Adamme’s energy is really low. He goes to the doctor, and finds out that he’s very and will need a blood transfusion, so he’ll have to stay in the hospital for a while. Briana practices alone, but Adamme’s partner visits him in the hospital so he can learn some steps.

Back at the house, Latoya measures her food to make sure she’s controlling her portions. Later, Adamme returns home!

On the day of the show, the judges are looking for the group that best embodies the principles of Latin dance.

Stephanie and Michael are up first. Michael does a fancy lift with his partner, and Stephanie displays her usual spunk. The judges remind Stephanie to watch her lines, and say Michael has found a type of dance that works for him. They are given a dance score of 8.


Latoya and Katie are probably the strongest pair. Latoya always look so comfortable on the dancefloor. Katie also brings a lot of character to the floor. Lisa Ann says they were too prim and proper. They get a 7.7 score.

Corey and Erica are up next. The problem with dancing in pairs of two is that a professional woman, like Corey’s partner, looks way better than a contestant than Erica. Having them share the floor makes the contestants look even weaker. Corey does an awesome lift with his amazing partner.

Sarah and Kiki were both in the bottom last week, and are determined to bring up their scores this week. They’ve moved past their issues with their jealousy over their crushes on Corey. Kiki and Corey are officially exclusive in the house. Is it love? Sarah doesn’t think so!


Sarah’s dress is offensively putrid green, while Kiki’s is a nice magenta, but let’s look at the dancing. Kiki had great energy, and Sara is trying her best to keep up with the quick steps.

The judges praise them for their energy, but say the footwork and technique were really off. They are given only a 6.3, which puts them in last at this time.

Adamme and Briana are up next, and Adamme is going to be really challenged because of his hospitalization. They have great choreography, which shows off their strengths, and they work well as a group, rather than just in pairs.

The judges love it! They say it was the best of the night. They receive a ten from one of the judges! They get a 9.3 overall, which puts them in the lead.

At the weigh-in, the competitors with the top dance score, Briana and Adamme, go first. Adamme didn’t lose much weight (he was hospitalized!) so his score isn’t great. He’s on the bottom after Corey and Erica weigh-in.


Latoya takes the lead after her weigh-in, with Katie being the only one left to weigh-in. Because of her extra point from the challenge, she takes the win! She wins immunity for next week.

Adamme is still at the bottom with only Sarah and Kiki to go. Sarah goes first, and she’s hoping to love more than 5 pounds, but only loses 3. She falls below Adamme. Kiki loses enough weight to beat Sarah, who is sent home in that offensively green fringe dress.


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