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Last Comic Standing: Los Angeles Semifinals Round

June 28, 2010 08:08 PM by Nancy Floyd


On tonight’s new episode of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing, the best of the best from the New York City and Los Angeles auditions face off in a grueling semifinals round! Only five comics will make it to the finals after delivering their best material for a live audience and the judges, Andy Kindler, Natasha Leggero, and Greg Giraldo. Will your favorite make it through to the next round? Keep reading for more details on tonight’s episode…

It’s time for the semifinals on this season of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing! The competition is on as the comics from the Los Angeles and New York City casting calls face off in a stand-up semifinals showdown at the Alex Theater in Hollywood. The funny men and women must impress a live audience and the Last Comic Standing judges, Andy Kindler, Natasha Leggero, and Greg Giraldo, if they hope to make it to the next round.

The first brave soul to take the stage is geeky comedian Myq Kaplan from the New York City auditions. He starts the semifinals round off strong with his intellectual comedy about religion, literature, and film. All three judges loved Myq’s performance and give him rave reviews for his routine.

Next up, funny gal Jamie Lee from the New York City casting call takes the stage. The judges are a bit divided on Jamie’s performance, but all in all she receives pretty decent reviews. She’s followed onstage by Mike DeStefano also from New York City. His ethnic and family-oriented humor wins praise from the judges. Andy Kindler has nothing to criticize, Natasha Leggero has nothing but love, and Greg Giraldo thinks Mike is “awesome.”


Comedian Kyle Grooms is up next and if his New York City audition is any indication, he doesn’t have anything to worry about in the semifinals. The crowd loves Kyle Grooms’ routine and the judges give him great compliments. The next comic hoping to earn some laughs is Shane Mauss. His edgy, slightly gruesome routine entertains the crowd and impresses the judges. No bad reviews for him.

Dry-humored comedienne Adrienne Iapalucci from the Bronx takes the stage next. Her monotone delivery and dry wit gets big laughs from the audience and a great response from all three judges. Adrienne’s hilarious quips back to the judges earns even bigger laughs from Andy Kindler, Greg Giraldo, and Natasha Leggero. Mexican comedian Felipe Esparza is next and the crowd loves him. The judges are also impressed which is beginning to sound redundant. Do they ever give negative feedback??

The next Last Comic Standing finalist to perform in the semifinals is Jonathan Thymius. This guy’s dry humor earns laughs from the crowd, but he talks so slow he only has time to deliver about two jokes. Andy Kindler loves Jonathan’s delivery even if he is insane and Greg Giraldo thinks he’s a hilarious original act. Lil Rel is the next comic to face the audience and the judges. He spends his entire time on one longer bit instead of shorter jokes and in turn earns less than stellar reviews from the judges. Finally, they’ve criticized someone.


Kindergarten teacher Jason Weems is hoping his stand-up routine in tonight’s semifinals will help him take the step into full-time comedy. The crowd loves Jason’s performance and the judges give him mixed reviews. Andy Kindler loved him, but Natasha Leggero felt disconnected from his jokes. Ryan Hamilton is hoping to leave his valet parking job behind if he makes it to the finals. His skydiving bit has me laughing more than anyone thus far. The crowd can’t get enough of him and the judges have relatively good reviews for him too. Andy Kindler felt like the routine was up and down and Natasha Leggero felt a little disconnected (which earns her boos that she rightfully deserves), but Greg Giraldo thinks the entire set was great.

Paula Bel, the angry comedienne from the Los Angeles casting call, takes the stage and starts off strong. Her brash and bitter routine wins over the crowd and the judges, even though she insults all three of them. Jesse Joyce is looking for bragging rights by making it to the finals. He certainly seems a little nervous and was rushing through his bits, but overall the judges loved his routine.


Rachel Feinstein from the Los Angeles auditions is up next. Andy Kindler thought she was fantastic, Natasha Leggero thinks she’s hilarious and talented, and Greg Giraldo is impressed with Rachel’s ability to be hot and funny. Kirk Fox, the guy who hilariously tried to quit his audition in Los Angeles, takes the stage next. Even though Kirk only really has one joke, Andy Kindler loves Kirk’s energy and Greg Giraldo thinks he’s very funny.

The Last Comic Standing semifinals continues with comedienne Amanda Melson. Her set includes a few hilarious jokes, but a few lulls as well. Andy Kindler doesn’t have great things to say, but Greg Giraldo though Amanda’s material is well-written and very funny. Chip Pope is up next and he doesn’t disappoint. The crowd loves him, the judges love him.


The next semifinalist to take the stage is Alycia Cooper. She has some hilarious jokes, especially about men cheating on their wives, but the judges are a bit divided on her routine.The last comic to take the stage is David Feldman. Although the audience doesn’t get too into the routine, the judges love his clever joke writing and shocking delivery.

Now that the comics have delivered their best material it’s time for the Last Comic Standing judges, Andy Kindler, Natasha Leggero, and Greg Giraldo, to deliberate about which comedians will make it through to the finals. Emotions are running high as the semifinalists wait for the news of their fate. The comics moving onto the next round are Felipe Esparza, Myq Kaplan, Rachel Feinstein, Mike DeStefano, and Jonathan Thymius.

Tune into NBC next Monday night as the remaining semifinalists take the stage in Hollywood and five more comics land spots in the finals!

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