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The Bachelorette: Ali Confronts Justin Rego!

June 28, 2010 06:54 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC‘s The Bachelorette, America’s sweetheart, Ali Fedotowsky and her remaining bachelors head to Turkey as they continue traveling around the world! A big reveal is set to sink Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego tonight however.  To find out what goes down, keep reading!

Ali begins the episode feeling really confident about the men she has brought with her to Istanbul, Turkey. She is determined to find out who she sees as a husband, and who might be better is a friend.

Ali is in her suite when host Chris Harrison knocks on the door. Ali says she’s scared by him showing up and wonders what is going on. Chris tells her a Jesse from last season contacted him and gave him some information that checked out. He puts her on the phone with Jesse, so she can fill her in.  Jesse tells Ali one of the guys isn’t there for the right reasons, and he has a girlfriend – it’s Justin!


Jessica, who is Justin’s girlfriend, is right there with Jesse and gets on the phone with Ali! In shock, Ali listens to the tearful girl explain Justin’s whole plan to further his career, and that she found out he was cheating on her too! Ali thanks Jessica and they hang up. Chris says he’s sorry as Ali digests the information.  She recalls to Chris that the other guys have warned her about Justin from the beginning. Chris admits they found out he was contacting Jessica while on the show. Ali wants him gone.

Ali heads downstairs to confront Justin. She knocks on the door and Craig lets her in. Ali sits down in the living room with the bachelors and tells Justin that his girlfriend called her this morning. She completely calls him out on respecting women, and he walks out. Ali follows with fire in her eyes.  When she catches up with him he says he’ll only talk off camera. Outraged at his gall, she angrily tells him to be a man, but he keeps running from her. The other guys marvel at the scene as they watch from the window upstairs.


Once he’s had time to decide what to say, Justin meanders back over to Ali. He spins a yarn about seeing Jessica as a best friend, but realizing it was more. Ali points out that someone who wanted to be there was sent home because of him. She also mentions that Jessica is upset and thinks he has another boyfriend.  Justin denies contacting Jessica all along, or coming there to get famous. Ali reads the riot act, saying she gave up her job and apartment and his behavior toward her and Jessica is horrible! He leaves again. Ali tells the camera she hates him for doing this! As Justin is shown walking away, his phone messages of love to Jessica are played!

Back in the room, the other guys are dishing on the Justin drama when the date card arrives. Chris L says it’s a one-on-one date for Ty called, “Let’s get steamy!”

Ty and Ali meet up in the town and they talk about how it’s his first time in Europe as they go into the bazaar, then take in tourist attractions. There’s a lot of cuddling and hand-holding.  Ali takes him to the Turkish bathhouse where they don towels and clog-like shoes. Ali says they have it to themselves, and it’s usually only for men.  They kiss, get steamy, and Ty massages her.


Back at the room, Frank is theorizing that Ali will likely see Ty as a good friend. The group date card comes for Chris, Roberto, Kirk, and Craig. That leaves Frank to get his second one-on-one date. Craig is frustrated – he is the only one not to have alone time.

Ty and Ali move on to the romantic dinner portion of their date. He tells the camera he’s falling for her. He tells her that her personality is sexy and asks what she likes about him. Ali laughs, “What do I not like is the question!”  Ty shares about his family and his failed marriage. He scores a rose! they dance and kiss in the town square under the night sky.

Next day, Ali takes her group date bachelors to a Turkish fortress where they have mugs of beer and are told there will be no rose on this date, but someone will get one-on-one time with her tonight. The catch? They will have to fight for it! Oiled-up, shirtless Turks appear and nervousness ensues.


Ali announces that they are professional olive oil wrestlers! They guys feel awkward, but gamely allow oil to be poured over their shirtless torsos.  They must to force their opponent to the ground. All four guys are beat by the Turkish men. They then have to wrestle each other.  Chris and Craig pair off – Craig wins! Roberto and Kirk are next – Roberto wins!  Craig and Roberto are in the final.  Ali screams as the battle ensues. Craig, bizarrely, is victorious!

Craig gets some precious one-on-one time with Ali and they take a boat ride and chat over wine.  Craig tells her he will continue to be a positive person if they end up together. They take in fireworks and Craig feels he’s falling for her.  Back at the hotel, Frank gets his one-on-one date card.

Frank and Ali meet up in the bazaar for their date. He is anxious to get back to where they were on their first one-on-one.  They check out spices, treats, aphrodisiacs, and Ali tries on a belly dancing costume while Frank wears a Sultan hat!  At the hotel, the guys all hope that Frank goes home! Back on the date, a man tries valiantly to sell Frank a rug. Frank repeatedly says there is no way he’s buying a rug, but in the next shot he’s strolling with Ali with the rug slung over one shoulder!


Frank and Ali will have dinner on a platform in the water in a cistern! Frank makes declarations of his feelings over wine, but Ali hesitates, and finally says she feels nervous because she has no control over who falls for her or who she falls for.  He’s ready to trust his heart, and kisses her.  Ali tells the camera he has the potential to break her heart, but she wants him to stay. He accepts her rose.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony

The guys await Ali’s presence at the cocktail party.  Ali calls Chris for a chat beforehand. She says she doesn’t need a cocktail party, because she knows what she has to do and she doesn’t want the guys feeling like they need to make one last plea when she’s already made up her mind.  There is one guy she just doesn’t feel a connection with. Downstairs, the men wonder what is going on as the clock ticks.  Chris goes down and tells them there will be no party – Ali is ready for the rose ceremony.

Ty and Frank already have roses. Ali appears and offers the remaining three roses to Roberto, Chris, and Kirk.  Craig is the man she felt no connection with,  and he is headed home tonight. After saying goodbye to Craig, Ali tells the other bachelors they are headed to Lisbon, Portugal next!

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