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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Teresa Giudice And Jacqueline Laurita Come Face To Face With Danielle Staub!

June 28, 2010 08:25 PM by Jennifer


Danielle Staub is offended when she finds out that one of her friends is also friends with Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita, and it reaches new heights on an all new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo, when they are all at the same event! Keep reading to find out about this week’s drama!

Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita are invited by Kim D. to attend a fashion show she is having, and they are not surprised to hear Danielle will be there. After all, they know that she is friends with her. Jacqueline doesn’t want anything to do with Danielle Staub, and she and Teresa debate whether or not to go. They ask Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline’s sister in law, if she thinks they should attend. Caroline seems to be the only one that realizes that the two Kim’s, Kim D. and Kim G. are playing both sides of the fence, and Danielle has no idea that they are all mutual friends. Caroline says Danielle Staub will blow a gasket if she sees that Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita are friends with people that she is also friends with. Kim G. actually goes as far as to invite Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley to walk down the runway in the fashion show. Kim knows that Danielle and Ashley do not get along, and it looks to me like she is trying to stir up trouble!

Speaking of the queen of drama Danielle, she shows up at Kim’s boutique and has a royal fit because she had no idea who the employee at the desk was, and she completely lost it when the woman told her she had to wait a second while she was on the phone. Danielle walks out to answer her cell phone, only to return to the store and tell the employee to have Kim call her. Of course, being the A list celeb that she is (yeah right) she is upset that the girl has no idea who she is and tries to get her name.

Kim finds out what happens, and calls Danielle, who freaks out on the phone and says she knows what’s up, and hangs up on Kim. Then she comes back to Kim’s store, tells her that the employee was very unprofessional to her, and that she is not going to shop there anymore. Kim must not have told her employees about the “bow down to Danielle” routine when she walks in. Shame on them! Danielle says Kim is losing her business and will feel it. Maybe Danielle will start paying some of the bills she complains about rather than buy more clothes.

In the Manzo house on tonight’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo, Caroline and her husband are facing the fact that their kids are all growing up and the clock is ticking for Caroline Manzo to become an empty nester. She wants her husband to retire from the Brownstone, but he wants no part in it. They go out for a lovely dinner on the night of the fashion show, and chose to stay away from the drama. Caroline’s husband doesn’t understand what Caroline is feeling about her kids growing up, and makes it clear that even after 30 years he has no interest in retiring, but she is happy to hear he i swilling to cut back his days.

One of the two faced Kim’s, Kim G. shows up at Danielle’s house the night of the fashion show to pick her up, and Danielle immediately starts in about Teresa being an animal. That’s the pot calling the kettle black! Ashley arrives at the Country Club where the fashion show is happening, and she tells the makeup artist that Jacqueline told her that if she sees Daniele, to just ignore her. Then the moment arrives where Danielle shows up, and of course brings another “bodyguard” to protect her as if she is going to be attacked or something. When Danielle walks in the room, she sees that she is sitting directly across the room from the table where Teresa and Jacqueline are sitting, and loses it when she sees Jacqueline and Teresa posing for pics with her friend. What a coincidence that her table is directly across from them! You can tell that this situation is going to get nasty really fast!

As the fashion show starts, Danielle Staub decides that she will pretend she is talking on the pone during the show instead of paying attention. She thinks the whole reason that Jacqueline and Teresa are there is to piss her off. Then Danielle sees Ashley on the runway, and Danielle called Ashley a coke whore. She was only mad because Kim did not ask her daughter Christine to be in the show. Danielle is acting like a 5 year old who did not get her way. Teresa notices everything, and sees everyone at Danielle’s table staring at her. I have to admit that part of me wanted Teresa to just go over and knock her out! Ashley starts to wave at Danielle, and it was hysterical! Danielle gets up goes out into the hall, and Teresa was sitting out there. Teresa sees Danielle coming and wants to say hello. As Danielle passes, she gets her attention and gets a dirty look from Danielle. Teresa calls her honey, and Danielle tells her not to do that. So Teresa calls her a bitch! This is where it gets good! Teresa continues to talk to her like a normal person, and then Danielle feels baited. They start getting louder… and then the episode ends! Ugh! I wanted to see more!

The preview for next week is crazy, there are cops, glass breaking, and screaming! The drama comes to a head next week, so don’t miss it!

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