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True Beauty: Final Six Give Las Vegas Bus Tours!

June 28, 2010 08:00 PM by Candace Young


Tonight’s episode of True Beauty on ABC begins with Craig’s return to the house after David was eliminated. Liz is thrilled, as she has just conceded to the others that she likes Craig and he brings out the best in her, even though she considers him competition. The remaining contestants head out to a Vegas nightclub to celebrate…

Erika notices a little love connection happening on the dance floor between Craig and Liz who are grinding against each other. Amy deems it gross. Back at the house, Taylor and Erika whisper and laugh about Liz’s infatuation with Craig.  Liz realizes what is happening and confronts Erika as she sits with Michelle before turning in for the night. Liz makes quite a production of defending herself.


The next day, Michelle’s huge wardrobe is the subject of interest among the contestants. Meanwhile, Vanessa tells Carson and Beth that this week the hopefuls will be acting as tour guides, but there will be a hidden challenge! Carson goes to the house and fills the final six in on the details, saying they will have to lead a tour on a bus, and the tourists will judge them. They also have to learn the booklet before the next day!  The reading proves to be a huge hurdle for some of the contestants. Craig is certain he hasn’t read a book in ten years!

It’s time! The judges settle in to watch the tours. Amy is first and gets down on herself when it doesn’t go well. Liz is more confident, but her tour isn’t much better. Erika is enthusiastic, Taylor does quite well,  Michelle fails to capture her audience’s attention even though she seems to know her stuff.  Craig has better luck engaging the tourists and charms them into not caring that he doesn’t know much.


As the contestants get off their bus, they will meet Nancy, posing as a disgruntled tourist with a negative comment card, and Giovanni, who is posing as the tour bus owner who offers to ‘fix’ the comment card.  Craig doesn’t cheat, Erika also passes, Liz totally cheats, asking the driver to change a 1 to a 10! Amy refuses to let him change her comment card, and Michelle also passes. Taylor is last, and he won’t even look at the card – pass!

It’s time to find out how the tourists judged the hopefuls. The winner is Taylor. The bottom two are Liz and Michelle! They will go to the Final Face-Off!


The contestants go back to the house, where Liz feels destroyed. Even worse, the others go to comfort Michelle as she packs. Craig comes in to check on Liz. He tries to cajole her out of giving up. She winds up determined to win.

The judges discuss who they should send home – they are definitely leaning toward Liz who has failed many secret tests on inner beauty.  As Michelle and Liz head to the Final Face-Off they will encounter a sweaty man planted by the show who will try to engage them in conversation. Michelle is first to be tested. She tells him he is sweet, laughs with him and even gives him a hug!  When Liz is approached we don’t see what happens.

In the Final Face-Off, both girls are given the opportunity to make a last plea to stay in the competition.  Michelle is told she is safe! She tries to hug Liz, who turns away. After Michelle leaves, Vanessa appears to explain that there is more to the competition than meets the eye, and to show Liz footage of her transgressions.  After seeing the videos of her cheating, Liz walks out on Carson, Vanessa, and Beth. She still doesn’t get it, saying the show’s ratings will go down without her!


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One Response to “True Beauty: Final Six Give Las Vegas Bus Tours!”

  1. Christine McDow Says:
    June 29th, 2010 at 7:04 am

    So glad Liz is gone. She definitely wasn’t beautiful on the inside and I didn’t think she was much on the outside either.


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