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America’s Got Talent: Chicago Auditions!

June 29, 2010 06:59 PM by Candace Young


NBC takes its talent search reality program, America’s Got Talent, to Chicago tonight in a quest to find the next great Las Vegas headlining act! The auditions begin with host Nick Cannon introducing an auto detailer named Zach, who tells judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and Howie Mandel that his talent is sneezing with his eyes open! What will germ-hating Howie do? Read on to find out…

Alarmed, Howie pushes his buzzer and walks rapidly up the aisle.  When Zach is booed out of the place, Howie returns, but seems genuinely upset, saying it’s flu season…and that’s snot talent!

A group of youths in army pants called Strikers All Stars, who dance together in college take the stage.  It’s a mix of hip hop and military drill that is really interesting and athletic! Howie wants to see them go far with it, and Piers compliments them on being the whole package. All three judges give them a ‘yes’!  A group of young male violinists go through, as do a quartet of gospel-style singers doing Shout!  Nation, a dancer, also impresses the panel and gets the thumbs up!

A fifty year-old illusionist called The Spellbinder is next.  He feels it is his time.  Sharon is intrigued by his demeanor, but his dancing tissue act earns three buzzers!  An aged surfer type singing Little Deuce Coupe gets the same treatment.  A girl in a plastic bubble is told by Howie that she is his soulmate, but they burst her bubble in the end. A cheesehead singer is buzzed within seconds of opening his mouth!


Carlos Aponte, who traveled all the way from Puerto Rico to sing for America’s Got Talent is up now. His halting English causes dubious looks among the crowd, but his singing voice proves to be absolutely astounding! Soon the crowd is on its feet with arms waving! And it’s a well-deserved standing ‘o’ from both audience and judges as he finishes! Howie is thrilled to be part of an unexpected, fantastic moment, Sharon is stunned that such a huge voice came out of his little body, and Piers notes he doesn’t look like an opera singer, but he gave him goosebumps! Howie tells Carlos his life is about to change right now. He’s going to Vegas!

Polina Volchek, a performance artist, wows the crowed with her abilities.  All three judges give her ‘yes’ votes! Piers whispers that she’s magnificent.  She is followed by a male registered nurse named John ‘The Strong Man’ Beatty, who lifts a huge ball of concrete, rolls up a frying pan, and pounds nails into a board with his fist!  Piers buzzes before the end – he’s skeptical.  Howie offers Piers the frying pan to unroll. Piers grunts and groans before conceding it is harder than it looks. The Strong Man then unrolls it! Nick moans that he just made Piers look like a wimp. Piers has to say ‘yes’, as do Sharon and Howie!


Twenty one year-old student, Debra Romer, who ran away from home and was in foster care as a teen, will be the last audition of the day in Chicago.  She tells Sharon she dreams of playing music and singing to pay her bills.  Debra is nervous at the start, but her voice is sweet and mellow as she sings Arms of the Angels.  The crowd shows its approval.  Howie says she has a lovely voice and look, but she didn’t own her performance. Piers disagrees strongly with Howie, saying he didn’t sense fear, he saw vulnerability. Sharon says she gets her style, but she does have to own it more. Howie gives her a ‘no’, Piers is a definite ‘yes’, and Sharon waffles before deciding to give her the opportunity to get better!

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