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Hell’s Kitchen: Gordon Ramsay Names His Top Eight

June 29, 2010 08:19 PM by Lisa Princ


On two brand new episodes of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX tonight, Gordon Ramsay finally gets to his top eight chefs after starting the competition with sixteen. The chefs must cater a 50th wedding anniversary tonight, as well as serve up some sandwiches all while one team has way too much to drink! But one burning question still remains: will the red team finally be able to pull off a win now that they have Benjamin on their side? Keep reading for all the tasty details!

Gordon Ramsay dishes up one of the cutest challenges to date on the first half of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX tonight when he asks the contestants to modernize a classic dishes for a couple who will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in Hell’s Kitchen. The teams, or at least most of the chefs have it all together, except for Salvatore who volunteered to make the chicken dish for the blue team and looked as though he was struggling.

When the couple was asked to taste each dish and decide which one they liked, the red team actually scored the most votes, although I am sure Salvatore’s raw chicken dish did not help the blue team at all. For winning, the red team got to go out in 1950′s style, complete with clothing and cars to a 1950′s style restaurant where they indulged in good food, drinks and alot of fun. The blue team was stuck making a three tiered cake and setting up the dining room for the anniversary party!

Dinner service for the anniversary party did not go as smooth as Gordon Ramsay would have liked, but at least no one messed up the anniversary couple’s meals. In what Jay thought would be the battle between he and Benjamin, I think he jinxed himself as he wound up cutting his finger before service even started, but he was able to compete. The red kitchen seemed to fare a lot better with Benjamin on their team, leading them. However, Fran could not keep up and seemed to slow the team down on the red side, while Holli tried to pass off raw chicken to Chef Ramsay.

On the blue side, it was mistake after mistake for Salvatore, who seemed to be getting extremely frustrated and nervous. Midway through dinner service, Jay and Ed had to readjust their cake as it looked like it was about to fall over. All in all the anniversary party was a success for the elderly couple and their guests. Chef Ramsay determined that it was the blue team who won this service and he asked the red team to choose two people to put up for elimination.


When the teams returned to the Chef Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, he seemed a bit shocked that they nominated Fran and Siobhan. He expected Fran, but I think he was expecting Holli due to her raw chicken. Benjamin went into detail explaining that they voted for the worst chefs and not the worst at that service. Gordon Ramsay had his own choice however. After Fran and Siobhan pleaded their cases, he made them both go back in line and he called down as he claimed “the worst chef in Hell’s Kitchen” and that was Salvatore. He asked for Salvatore’s jacket, explaining that he wished his heart could have cooked for him. With Salvatore gone, we are one step or chef closer to meeting Gordon Ramsay’s top eight.

On the second half of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX the blue team thought for sure they had smooth sailing now that Salvatore was gone, but boy were they in for a shock. After taking them to the restaurant in which the French dip sandwich originated, Chef Ramsay issued their next challenge: create an original, gourmet sandwich that would wow him like this one did. A sandwich seemed easy for them all, although some still struggled.

When it was time present their sandwiches, Chef Ramsay asked that the red team choose one player who would not present their sandwich. Benjamin took it upon himself to choose Siobhan, who was determined to prove that she did not belong up at the chopping block earlier. In the end, all of the sandwiches were enjoyed by Chef Ramsay except for Autumn’s and Fran’s.

With the two teams tied for the challenge win as everyone is fighting for that top eight spot, Chef Ramsay chose to try Siobhan’s sandwich as the tiebreaker. When he did, he liked it and told the red team that they should have used her sandwich instead of Fran’s, so they lost the challenge. Their punishment for losing the challenge would be hand making peanut butter and jelly including shelling all the peanuts and running them through a grinder!

For winning their challenge, the blue team would accompany Chef Ramsay to a wine tasting and getting a ride there on his private jet. What seemed like a good win for the blue team, also proved to be challenging for them as a few of them had a little too much to drink. Autumn drank too much wine at the tasting and fell out of bed when she got back, while Ed, yes quiet, reserved Ed, with Holli’s help continued his drinking binge in the hot tub. Ed was so drunk that he was dancing around and wound up pulling down his pants for Holli, Siobhan and Benjamin to see!


At dinner service that night on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, the blue team, still hungover tried to pull it together but Autumn just could not pull herself together and Ed made the mistake of trying to serve raw duck. In the red kitchen, things did not move that smoothly either as Nilka tried to pass off raw chicken to Gordon Ramsay. Fran did not fare much better as she was on garnish for the first time and just could not get it together, she served raw risotto and was extremely slow all night.

Chef Ramsay was in rare form as he went off on a diner who personally walked his undercooked steak back to the pass. It was quite comical to watch Chef Ramsay go off on a patron like that! And it did not end there as Chef Ramsay eventually kicked both teams out of the kitchen as he finished up service with his sous chefs. Both teams were shocked that they were kicked out and knew that no one was safe tonight.

Both teams were asked to nominate two people for elimination as Chef Ramsay told them that no one won. The blue team nominated Autumn and Ed while the red team nominated Fran and Siobhan. After listening to their pleas, Gordon Ramsay could take no more and asked that Siobhan hand over her jacket and leave. He told her she just did not have a enough experience to continue in Hell’s Kitchen. Best of luck to both Salvatore and Siobhan, and congratulations to the rest of the chefs for making it into the top eight or the best half!

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for two more brand new drama filled hours of Gordon Ramsay and Hell’s Kitchen on FOX!

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