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Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List: Kathy Visits Alaska And Levi Johnston!

June 29, 2010 08:26 PM by Jennifer


On an all new episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravo, Kathy Griffin gets a gig in Alaska, which luckily for her is home of the man she calls her “lover”, Levi Johnston, famous for being Sarah Palin’s daughter baby daddy! Will she turn up the heat in the frigid temperatures? Keep reading to see!

Kathy Griffin is delighted to find out she has booked a comedy gig in Alaska. Not only is she excited about all of the Sarah Palin material she has for the show, but she is so excited to be seeing her obsession, the one and only Levi Johnston. Kathy is convinced that she will sweep Levi off his feet. But her assistants are not so happy to find out that the upcoming trip is not somewhere tropical. As Kathy prepares for the trip, she shows her mom the fur she planned on wearing when seeing Levi, and her mom tells her that Levi is too young for her, and her assistant Tiffani calls her a cougar!

When they arrive in Alaska, the first order of business if to go to Levi Johnston’s house. When she arrives there, he gives her a tour of his house, which is full of dead stuffed animals on the walls, the couch, everywhere! He takes her into the town of Wasalla because she wants to get some Sarah Palin memorabilia, but all they have is a t-shirt. She wanted something a little more comical, like a bobble head doll, but no luck. She actually takes a ride to the Palin house and leaves a note for them telling them where and when her gig is, hoping they are going to show up. I have a feeling that if they know Levi is with her, their answer would be no. After all, he is not on their list of favorite people.

 Before her comedy show on tonight’s Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravo, Kathy gets in a little fun time with Levi and her assistants, and he takes her ice fishing, and she ends up almost falling into one of the fishing holes.She also has a book signing scheduled, and brings Levi with her. She signed copies of her book, while a few gay men slipped in with the copies of Playgirl that Levi was in, and had him sign them!


Another fun thing they had planned, (well at least Kathy thought it was fun!) was for Levi’s agent to have a contest to find love for her assistant Tiffany with a listener at a radio station! Kathy has a list of tips for Tiffany to meet a man, but as you can imagine no one in their right mind would say them, like talking about the state bird! They take her to a local bar, and just like on The Bachelorette, she has contestants trying to win a date with her. But they are all not her type.. when Kathy asked the first guy what he is looking for in a woman, his answer was a heartbeat. That tells you something right there! It was hard, but they chose a big guy named James.

But the real reason they are there is for Kathy’s sold out show in Anchorage! Kathy is excited as she yells out that she is going to rip Sarah Palin a new one with her routine. She did get a few boos, but she had a great show! Although she did not want to leave the love of her life Levi, she must return to her D-list life! When she gets home, she gives her mom a Palin t-shirt, and uses the other one for her housekeeper to dust her house! Ouch!

What comical adventure is Kathy up to next? Tune in next Tuesday at 10 PM for another episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravo to find out! See you after the show!

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