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The Bachelorette: Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego Denies Girlfriend & Fame Accusations

June 29, 2010 09:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


Last night on ABC‘s The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky received some shocking news about one of her suitors, Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego. It turns out the entertainment wrestler, whose motives and sincerity have been questioned since day one, had not one, but two girlfriends back home and was simply using the reality dating show as a vehicle to gain fame. Now, Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego speaks out about the accusation and denies them completely. Keep reading for more details…

When Ali Fedotowsky confronted Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego about his alleged girlfriend on last night’s episode of ABC‘s The Bachelorette, he didn’t do a very good job of proving his innocence. He stormed out of the hotel, sans suitcase, the second Ali Fedotowsky confronted him, then he proceeded to run away from her and the cameras for the better part of an hour. When he finally returned after having a chance to gather his thoughts, he stumbled over his words and didn’t say much of anything. Now, he’s singing a very different tune, denying the claims that he and his girlfriend of two years, Jessica, were ever together and that he chose to go on the reality show for fame.

“In the next year or so I’m actually looking to be a police officer,” Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego says in response to claims that he used his stint on The Bachelorette to gain fame for his entertainment wrestling career. “I’m slowly studying it … that’s something I truly am passionate about and I definitely want to get into.”

And regardless of what others think, Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego also claims that he’s through with television. “No more reality TV,” he says. “This has been such a rough experience, like it’s kind of scared me away from doing anything. It’s not fun having your name dragged through the mud.”

As for his relationship with Jessica, Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego denies that they were together at the time when he left to film The Bachelorette. “I absolutely went [on the show for] the possibility of falling in love,” he says. “But you know there’s 25 guys in there. And you know it’s difficult to say, ‘You know what, I’m going to fall head over heels for somebody.’ But I was definitely open to that idea.”


Justin ‘Rated R’ Rego also alleges that he and Jessica are definitely finished now that she ratted him out on the show. Prior to filming, he said she was “somebody that I always wanted in my life cause she’s a great person.” He adds, “But unfortunately now due to the fact of all this happening and seeing her true nature and true intent I really don’t want to continue any type of relationship with her.” He was, however, seen kissing her during a shopping outing on June 4th, so maybe there’s a little dishonesty in his statements after all.

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