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America’s Got Talent: Last Chance Auditions!

June 30, 2010 06:57 PM by Candace Young


NBC‘s search for talent continues tonight as America’s Got Talent crosses the country in a final attempt to find unique and entertaining acts that might be right for Las Vegas! The episode begins with host Nick Cannon chatting with Jimmy Dean, a diminutive man who tells judges Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and Piers Morgan that he does lash extensions for a living. How does Jimmy fare? Read on to find out!

Jimmy Dean, 26, from L.A. says his friends tell him he’s funny, so he’s come to do stand-up comedy.  He launches into his routine and seems to begin with promise, but quickly goes downhill – he gets three buzzers! Howie thinks he has a future but should be himself. After Howie and Sharon say ‘no’, Piers says ‘yes’ just to make him feel better.


A duo of belly dancers is next on stage much to the delight of Howie and Piers.  After they perform, it’s obvious Sharon loved them too – she says ‘yes’ right away. The male judges follow suit!  They are followed by a hip-hop violinist who has a really cool sound – she goes through! Team X-Pogo, who are a quartet of extreme pogo jumpers, capture the imagination of the judges and will also go to Vegas. Da Maniacs, a dance troupe featuring some off-beat characters, have the audience on their feet with their bold hip-hop moves, and earn themselves three ‘yes’s!

The King of Clowns (who is dressed like Elvis) is certain he’s in ther right place at the right time.  He brings a ‘bodyguard’ and ‘manager’ on stage with him. Music starts, he says he’s going to sing and has to clear his throat – he pulls a length of yarn out! He gets a buzzer, but proceeds on to sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm.  The others buzz him out, and Piers tells The King he is the worst act he’s ever seen. The King turns defensive and insults Sharon’s husband, Ozzy! Sharon tells him no one disrespects her husband and lets go with an ‘f’ bomb! Nick Cannon is rolling up his shirtsleeves as the clown says Howie Mandel hasn’t made a good thing since Little Monsters. Howie curses at him as well!


A group of sumo wrestlers get buzzed out and told no. As do the Tap-Dancing Sara Palins,  and The Frequent Fliers.

Rick Smith Jr, a card thrower, is next up, and seeks Nick Cannon’s assistance on stage.  He wins three ‘yes’s!  Phil Trau, a 74 year-old tap dancer is gussied up and ready to go. He hits the stage, sets up his little stairs, and goes to town.  Piers buzzes fairly soon, but he is very nimble and Sharon and Howie let him finish. Piers tells Phil he takes back his ‘X’! Howie is dazzled, and Sharon calls him ‘Sexy Phil’. They all say ‘yes’!

Luigi Seno, who was born in the Philippines, tells Nick Cannon he is here in hopes of giving back to his family. He accompanies himself on acoustic guitar, and thrills the crowd with his vocals! He’s also cute and the girls scream! Sharon says he is cool and relaxed, Howie calls him a great entertainer – he’d listen to him in his car! Piers says he has talent and charm. All three say ‘yes’ to Vegas!


Arthur Nakane, a 73 year-old one-man band who has been trying to make it for over 35 years, has added so many instruments to his act that it takes three hours to set up!  He dedicates his quirky and romantic song to Sharon. The judges seem charmed.  Sharon says he’s lovely. Howie says ‘no’ but in a nice way.  Sharon gives him a ‘yes’. It’s all on Piers, who says he’s not the best musician, but he’s sending him to Vegas for his dedication and hard work!

That concludes the auditions for this season – it’s off to Vegas!!

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