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Real World: Eight New Roommates Arrive In New Orleans On The Season Premiere!

June 30, 2010 10:16 PM by Jennifer


On the season premiere of Real World on MTV, there are eight new roommates ready to kick it up a notch in the Big Easy! As they arrive at the beginning of Mardi Gras, tensions run high as true colors start to show, and it is only the first night! Keep reading to hear about the drama!

Let’s meet the lucky roommates! There is Knight, a 23 year old hockey player from Kenosha Wisconsin whose potentially star career came to a grinding halt when he was injured and became addicted to painkillers; Jimmye, a thin 21 year old brunette from Starkville, Mississippi, with a heavy southern accent and tattoos, who is looking forward to doing some crazy things; McKenzie, a 21 year old blonde bombshell from Jupiter, Florida; Preston, a 22 year old male from Boston, Massachusetts with an eye for fashion; Ashlee, a pretty 23 year old basketball player who also sells power tools; Eric, a 24 year old from Arlington Virgina who is an International Relations Specialist for Diplomatic Security, and a stand up comic on the side; Sahar, a 21 yar old Middle Eastern girl from Dearborn, Michigan, who has never lived away from home; and finally, Ryan, a 21 year old blonde skate boarding hairdresser from Tempe, Arizona.

First to arrive at the bead-filled mansion are Preston and Jemmye, and they scramble through the massive, Mardi Gras decorated estate to find the perfect room, as they obviously click and want to bunk together. They pose at the bottom of the stairs as Eric and Ashlee arrive, and they are quickly greeted with a big hug when they realize that Ashlee and Preston are both from Boston. Knight and McKenzie arrive together, but McKenzie want to share a room with another girl, unlike the others, so they wait for Sahar and Ryan to arrive. McKenzie is relieved to see that Sahar will share a room with her, but Ryan can’t wait to switch rooms when he gets Knight as his roommate. I don’t understand why, but he is a little bothered by the fact that his roommate introduced himself as Knight, and not his real first name. He wants to room with Eric, so Ashlee agrees to room with Knight instead. This is probably better for Knight, because Ryan is really hyper and crazy and is jumping all over everyone!


Sammye, on the other hand, is looking to stir up some trouble on this season of Real World on MTV. Preston is a little disappointed when he finds out that Ryan is not gay, and wears a purity ring as a born again virgin after a previous relationship. This is where Preston reveals that he is gay. Speaking of reveals, Ryan brings up the topic of whether or not anyone has done drugs, so Knight comes out about his addiction to painkillers. He also get sin a little argument with Ryan because he clearly has emotional issues about everything, especially women. Eric has an eye for Sahar, and finds out that she met a guy back home, but they agreed to keep it open while she is in New Orleans.

As the group gets acquainted with their new surroundings, they also get ready for the traditional first night out! They hit the famous Bourbon Street, While they are out, Ryan is revealed to be the resident troublemaker when he gets upset that the ladies of the house are getting beads from other men. He said women are scandalous, and he clearly has issues. He gets McKenzie to put down her beer when she tells Ryan she blacks out easily. Next they go to a gay bar, where Preston can check out the scenery and cut loose. A guy buys Ryan a drink , thinking that he is gay, and he also kisses Ryan’s neck. He acts like he just got bit by a snake. McKenzie pisses him off when she talks to other guys. Oh brother, this is the only the first night of Real World on MTV, and Ryan is already freaking out. He also makes a mean remark about being grossed about being kissed by a guy, and Preston gets really offended and walks away. He may not be gay, but Ryan acts like a little girl about everything, almost gets in a fist fight with Preston and storms off.


They get back to the house, and Ryan overhears Preston talking about him. He completely turns drama queen and when Jemmye sticks up for Preston, Ryan calls her trailer trash! They realize how out of control this has gotten, and Ryan apologizes and they all make up. Thank goodness, because this is only the first night! Ryan and Preston end up having a heart to heart, and Ryan reveals that he has always been seen as an outcast, and this is where all his craziness comes from. Something tells me we are in for a wild ride this season!

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 PM for another episode of Real World on MTV! See you after the show!

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  1. Christine McDow Says:
    July 1st, 2010 at 8:15 am

    So strange that RW is still going when the people cast weren’t even born or were just babies when it started!


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