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Work of Art: Shocking and Awful

June 30, 2010 10:59 PM by Rebecca Ford


How will Work of Art: The Next Great Artist challenge the contestants this week? By asking them to create shocking pieces of work, which brings out the artists’ strange, sexual and naked sides.

The artists arrive at Simon de Pury’s auction house for a very special exhibit.  They see work by Andres Serrano, whose shocking work is world famous.

China Chow arrives, and introduces Andres. The artists are excited to see him. They then learn that their challenge this week is to make a shocking piece of art. Andres advises them, sort of, with a speech about poop, or something.


They head to the art store, with $100. Then, they head to the studio. Nao plans on doing a performance piece, since that’s what she’s known for.

Abdi is excited about his piece. He’s creating sculptures that are heads of African American males that look like bombs.

Jaclyn, still scarred by her scathing critique from the judges last week, plans on really showing herself this week. She goes into the bathroom, removes her top, and takes some photos in the bathroom.

Mark is commenting on the sexual abuse of children with his three images. Ryan is taking photos with an electrical chord around his neck.

Nicole, who has a phobia of amputation, is making molds of her thumbs to put spit into. While Miles is making a line drawing of Mickey Mouse’s head inspired by his first erection, and filling it in with inappropriate images. Peregrine, who is wearing a ridiculous sparkly rabbit-like outfit, decides to make fashion models who have STDs. Nao is creating a structure for her performance piece.

Simon de Pury shows up to give advice to the artists. He is concerned with Jaclyn’s piece because it doesn’t seem shocking enough. Jaime Lynn is expressing her frustration with the difficulty of being a Christian in today’s society by making a satire on the Last Supper. John is making a painting of autofellatio, which completely shocks Simon de Pury.


Before he leaves, Simon de Pury informs the contestants of a shocking surprise. While the winner will win immunity, two contestants will be eliminated from the show. The stakes are very, very high. The artists buckle down, and get back to work until midnight.

The next day, the artists only have one hour to finish. Abdi realizes he can’t make nine skulls in this amount of time, so he settles to make only three. Eric suggests that Jaclyn provide pens with her piece so the audience can write their own comments on the photo.

Miles realizes that his piece about his first erection is not that shocking, so he decides to make it more shocking by marking it with his own bodily juices. Ew.

At the gallery show, the judges look at the pieces. Every time someone points at Miles piece, I cringe. Please don’t touch it. China Chow is disturbed that the models in Peregrine’s piece seem to be wearing her Chanel dress from last week.


The judges ask for some of the artists to stay for more questions. The judges feel Jaime’s piece is too commercial, and not shocking. Andres Serrona is very tough on her, saying that she does not have the character for shocking art.

They are also not happy with John’s piece. They note that he spelled fellatio wrong, and that it isn’t that shocking because it is an illustration. The judges praise Jaclyn’s piece, but when she takes credit for Eric’s idea to leave the pens out, Eric speaks up.

The judges criticize Nao for not knowing what her piece is about. Andres praises her piece because it was one of the most shocking pieces. The judges praise Abdi’s piece.

While the contestants wait, Eric and Jaclyn argue about the pen idea. Jaclyn is clearly guilty, and acts very defensive. She accuses Eric of shouting out comments, but Eric points out that she was asking for advice.

Abdi is awarded the win, and immunity next week. Two of the contestants will be sent home tonight, so John, Jaime, Nao and Eric wait to hear their fate. John and Nao are both sent home, which is surprising because John won last week. No one is safe in this competition.



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