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Dance Your Ass Off: Hip-Hop Challenge

July 05, 2010 10:54 PM by alison.bills


This week, on Dance Your Ass Off, the contestants took on hip-hop, a challenge that required rhythm and attitude. They also pushed their weight-loss with a grueling climb to the top of a Los Angeles building.

Corey pushes his new love, Kiki, in the gym. Then, the contestants head to downtown LA to fun some serious stairs. They run to the roof of a building, which is about 13 flights up. Erica throws up when they get to the roof.

Mel B appears on the roof (she took the elevator) and tells the contestants that this week is hip-hop week. The contestants will be battling each other. Mel B pulls names out of a hat, and then that contestant has to choose who they will battle against on stage. Katie, who has immunity, will not be battling anyone, but will perform.


Stephanie chooses Corey, which makes Kiki grumble a little. Adamme picks Michael, which leaves Kiki and Briana to battle against each other.

The breakdowns begin at rehearsals. Michael struggles, claiming he’s “100 percent white boy,” which hurts his skills. Kiki is frustrated because Briana has been stepping before. Latoya, whose technique has been keeping her in the game, is frustrated with her weight-loss. Erica has a breakdown in the workout room because she’s worried about her weightloss.

Stephanie and Briana get into it in the kitchen over fruit shakes. It’s clear that the stress is getting to everyone.

The contestants walk into the house to see Little C, a well-known hip-hop dancer and choreographer, in their living room. He gives them some advice on hip-hop and then they found out that he’ll be the guest judge for this competition.

At the competition, Adamme and Michael get things started. Adamme, or as Michael calls him “The Golden Child,” has a fierce Mohawk and even fiercer dance steps. Michael also brings attitude (and eye shadow). The judges are a little disappointed in the performance, especially with Adamme. Lisa Ann gives Michael the higher score, but the other judges give Adamme higher scores, so Adamme gets to head to the winners’ bench, while Michael is up for elimination.


Corey and Stephanie are up next with their crank style. Stephanie has great energy, but Corey has great stage presence. The judges are happy with Stephanie because she was so animated, and they also praise Corey’s ability. Stephanie’s scores are higher than Corey’s so Corey is up for elimination.

Briana and Kiki are up next. Briana’s experience is pretty obvious with this dance. She has natural rhythm. Kiki tries to bring it in her solo, but it just doesn’t compare to Briana’s attitude. The judges like them both, but praise Briana for her talent and commitment to the dance. Lisa Ann asks Kiki to do something different from what they’ve seen in weeks before. Kiki’s scores are lower than Briana, so she’s headed to the elimination bench.

Katie’s solo dance is next. It’s probably a good thing that she’s got immunity because she doesn’t seem to really have the rhythm for hip-hop. The judges praise her for her effort, but say that her energy dropped about halfway through.

Erica and Latoya, the strongest dancers in the competition are up next. Their routine is strong and they are both great dancers. Lisa Ann says it’s the sharpest routine she’s seen in two seasons. Latoya gets a 10 from Lisa Ann! Erica’s overall score is lower, so she heads to the elimination bench.


Now it’s time for the weigh-in. The winner’s go first, and Stephanie reminds us again that she’s on her cycle (as if she’s the only woman on the show who has to deal with that). She lost only 1.4 pounds, which is not enough to beat Latoya. She realizes that if she hadn’t made the winners’ bench, she would probably be going home. Adamme gets the win, and feels great because he was so disappointed with himself last week!

It’s the losers’ turn next, and one of them will be going home. It’s between Kiki, Corey and Michael. Michael lost five pounds, which is enough to keep him safe. That means one of the lovebirds, either Corey or Kiki, will be going home. Corey gets really emotional, which is hard to watch. He loses enough to beat Kiki’s score, and so Kiki is sent home. They share a sweet hug, and then it’s time for Kiki to say good bye with one last booty bounce, and a pitch for a spin-off!


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