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The Bachelorette: Ali Goes to Portugal and Jake and Vienna’s Confrontation!

July 05, 2010 06:52 PM by Candace Young


Tonight on ABC‘s The Bachelorette, America’s sweetheart, Ali Fedotowsky and the remaining bachelor hopefuls go to Lisbon, Portugal. This will determine whose parents Ali meets. Tonight there are four dates rather than three, and no one will be sent home on the dates! Read on for all of the highlights…

As the guys marvel over the view from their suite in Lisbon, the first date card is found by Ty. It’s for Roberto, and says, “Come be the king of my castle.”  Ali comes in dressed casually and welcomes them to Portugal.  She and Roberto head out on their date.

They walk on cobblestone streets and pose for touristy photos. It seems fun and easy. When they dance in the street, Ali notes how romantic Roberto can be. On a trolley ride, they kiss.


Back in the suite, Frank tells the others that this is the week they should all tell Ali how they feel about her. A two-on-one date card arrives for Frank and Ty.

Ali and Roberto share a picnic and wine in a romantic spot. She asks if he’d be nervous to take her to his hometown – he says no, he would be excited. Ali tells him he seems a bit mysterious still and she needs to figure him out. Roberto pays her some compliments and a sunset make-out session ensues.

The next day, Ali comes to pick up Ty and Frank and they go exploring in a helicopter. Both guys find the two-on-one experience really weird. They land, and make their way up to a castle, passing a deer on the way.  Once inside, the three of them sit down at a table. Ali is tense with the pressure of hometown dates looming, and things are awkward as they eat.  Ali takes Ty outside for a chat alone.  She revisits her concerns about Ty having been raised with women not working outside the home. He tries to reassure her that he would be pleased for her to have a career.

The guys in the suite get the next date card – a one-on-one date for Kirk! That leaves Chris to get the last date, and he’s fine with that,  noting that he will be with her right before the rose ceremony.

Still on the two-on-one date, Ali and Frank spend alone time, which he uses to describe how she’ll feel part of a family when she comes home with him – like, really a close part – since he actually still lives with his parents! Ali is understanding about that, but tells him he brings out fear in her.


Relieved to have the difficult two-on-one date over with, Ali comes to meet Kirk for their date.  They eat at a cafe and discuss the hometown visit thing. They go on a horse and carriage ride to a palace, where they cuddle on a turret. He senses she’s got a lot on her mind. She is stressing about everything, but they go ahead with a romantic dinner.  Ali asks him if he’d lose interest in her like he has in past relationships, but he assures her he’s grown since then. They enjoy being serenaded and share a kiss.

The last date card arrives for Chris. It says, “Love gets better with age.”

When Ali and Chris go on their date, Ali muses to the camera that they have to take things up a notch or she can’t imagine meeting his family. They ride a moped, which Chris drives slowly. Ali likens it to the progress of their relationship. They share a lot of laughs, but she doesn’t think he’s opening up enough. Ali takes over driving!  They talk for a while and Chris opens up more, but she’s not sure if it’s too late. Inside a winery, they discuss his family and the possibility of a hometown visit. Chris admits it takes him time to open up, but he would be happy to bring her home. He offers her a gift – a bracelet – admitting that he waited to make sure he liked her enough to give it to her! She is thrilled about their giant step forward.


Rose Ceremony

Chris Harrison greets Ali, and explains to the men that those who receive a rose tonight will be taking Ali home to meet their families. Ali thanks them all for coming on the world tour with her. She offers roses to Chris, Frank, Roberto, and Kirk.  Ty is going home to Nashville tonight.  He says goodbye to the other guys and then embraces Ali, who walks him outside.  He tells her he is disappointed and thanks her.

Jake and Vienna Face-off!

Chris Harrison explains that the most recent Bachelor, Jake Pavelka, and his ex-fiancee, Vienna Girardi, are here to get answers to each others questions about what went wrong between them and hopefully get closure.

Jake is brought out first, and he says that he is still processing it all. Jake claims he was out of town and within two days he was on five magazine covers and it all blew up.

Vienna comes out to tell her side of the story. She feels there were problems after the first month. Chris asks her about allegations of verbal abuse. Vienna says Jake has a bit of a temper, but he just wasn’t into the relationship, saying she even had to ask for a kiss.  Chris wonders why she went to the tabloids. Vienna feels it had been public since the beginning, and she wanted people to know she tried in the relationship, but it kept getting worse.


Jake tells Vienna he is mad at her because she sold him out to a tabloid and then flirted with him like nothing was going on. Vienna claims he’s a liar, and calls him a ‘fame whore’.  She says she expected to go live a normal life with a pilot.  He retorts that at least he has a job.  They argue about Jake being rude to her family, insulting her dog, and his allegations that she cheated on him. Vienna denies cheating flat out.  They both continue to contend that the other is lying on a number of points.

After showing Jake proposing to Vienna on The Bachelor, Chris asks Vienna why she took it so far in the tabloids. She says she knew Jake would do it if she didn’t, and she wanted to lay it out.   Chris recalls when they were in St. Lucia and were in love. He asks Jake what he loved about her then. Jake says she was supportive and entertaining and just so many things. Vienna cries, and says Jake was genuine then, and wanted to be with her.

Vienna tells Chris she gave Jake his ring back twice and he convinced her to stay.  Jake smirks that it was a game she played to get attention.  They bicker about what they were doing in Los Angeles, with Vienna claiming to hate it. Jake laughs when she then says she now has a job in L.A. and will stay.  Chris wonders if the he said/she said stuff will continue now, or if they will move on.  Jake feels he was forced to deal with it.   They start arguing about who dumped who and Vienna keeps interrupting Jake. He asks her to be quiet when he’s talking.  When he explains that she undermined him, for example by interrupting him constantly, Vienna keeps interrupting.


Jake tells Chris that Vienna is like a tabloid – you get about 40% of the truth.  Vienna says Jake will never find a partner unless it’s someone who wants to be controlled.   Chris asks Vienna if she wants to apologize to Jake for anything. She says she is sorry for going to the tabloid the way she did, but she knew he would do it if she didn’t. Jake begins to talk and she interrupts him again. He sighs and snaps, “Stop interrupting me!”  Vienna storms off in tears, calling him names. Jake tells Chris this is what happens every time they try to work anything out. Jake tells Chris that he’s never been in a relationship where he raised his voice before, and he feels bad about that, but it gets to a point where you can’t get a word in edgewise. Chris thanks Jake for coming and says he wishes both of them the best.

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