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True Beauty: Going to the Chapel!

July 05, 2010 07:56 PM by Candace Young


Tonight’s episode of True Beauty on ABC begins with the contestants preparing to welcome back Michelle from the Final Face-off.  Craig is the only one who hopes it might be Liz who returns.  When Michelle bursts into the house, they all cheer. Craig watches and keeps mum! As we go into this week’s episode, the girls are dealing with Craig and Taylor walking around the suite naked…

When Craig and Taylor are finally dressed, they all head to the party bus to take a ride and find out what their next challenge will be.  Vanessa tells Carson and Beth that this week’s challenge involves weddings!

The party bus arrives at the wedding chapel, where the hopefuls find Beth and Carson dressed as bride and groom at the altar.  Beth tells the contestants that they will be wearing bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits while real-life couples come in and choose them to be in their weddings.  The contestants chosen least will be up for elimination!


The twist on the challenge is that while the contestants are changing, they will hear a ‘momzilla’ telling her daughter that she’s too fat for her wedding dress. The test is to see what they will do when the bride is left alone in tears.  Michelle doesn’t say a word to her! Craig compliments the bride! Amy fails, not saying anything to the poor bride. Erika tells the bride it’s her special day and she looks beautiful! Taylor laughs and is totally insensitive!

After they are all dressed, the hopefuls have some down time in the chapel and do a fake ceremony between Erika and Taylor with Craig officiating.  Soon it’s time for the first real couple to arrive. They choose Craig and Michelle as witnesses.  The next couple picks Taylor and Erika, as does the couple after them. The fourth couple selects Craig and Taylor!  Taylor wins the challenge.  Another bride and groom come in. They choose Craig and Amy.  Craig is then safe.  Couple number six picks Michelle and Erika.  Michelle and Amy are the bottom two.  Amy, who was chosen the least takes it personally and has a meltdown!  It looks like Craig is going to offer her a tissue, but he wipes his own forehead! The judges cringe.


Back at the house, the guys give Amy tough love regarding the endless crying. Erika asks Craig if he finds her annoying. He tells her no, but tells the camera that she it totally annoying!  Amy, clearly feeling better, decides to put false eyelashes on Taylor much to the delight of Erika and Michelle, who join in on the torture.  Taylor’s catwalk has the girls in hysterics!

Amy and Michelle don dresses and prepare to meet their fate. The guys comfort a tearful Erika after they leave. The judges compare notes on Amy and Michelle. Vanessa tells Carson and Beth that she set up a second challenge when the contestants were getting ready for the weddings earlier. The florist with the bouquets pretended to know one of the couples being married, and privately offered to tell their friends to pick them to be in their wedding to give them an edge.  Amy declined the offer, wanting to play fair. Michelle…we don’t get to see what she did yet.


At the Final Face-off,  Michelle confidently expresses her desire to continue in the contest. Amy tries to match her confidence and promises an improved performance.  Carson and Beth say it was a tough call, but they reached a decision – Michelle is going home and Amy is safe.

Vanessa appears after Amy is gone to explain to Michelle that there is more to the competition than meets the eye. Footage is shown of the challenges she failed, including the final bribe, which she laughingly accepted. Michelle leaves in tears knowing that people will see those things on TV!

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