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America’s Got Talent: Vegas Week!

July 06, 2010 08:04 PM by Candace Young


Everyone has arrived at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas to compete to become the next winner of NBC‘s America’s Got Talent.  Host Nick Cannon notes that some of the acts settle in and practice, while others head out to experience what the city has to offer! The acts tour the city prior to the arrival of judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and Howie Mandel. They all imagine their name in lights…

All the acts gather as requested, and the mood as tense as most know that in the past, some have been eliminated right away. Howie announces that they have reviewed the audition tapes and have to be ruthless. He explains they’ve been separated into three groups:  A, B, and C.  He tells Group A that they will perform today and are the judges favorites. Sharon tells Group B that she doesn’t have good news – they will only perform if there are places left after they see Group A perform.  Piers informs Group C that they decided they were so good they are going straight through to Hollywood.


Group A prepares to compete for the remaining 38 spots for the live show.  The magicians are up first, and check each other out as they wait to go on.  Army pilot, William Scott Anderson, performs, and feels good about his act.  Michael Grosso follows and does a sleight of hand, but doesn’t wow the judges like he did in his audition. The magician called Murray produces a sports car for Sharon and a girl for Piers.  The last magician, Chips, makes an act out of revealing his tricks. Piers doesn’t get it, but Sharon and Howie argue that he’s a comic.

It’s the battle of the harmonica players next, as Pierre faces off against Yee, the man who plays five harmonicas at once! The judges aren’t convinced the competition even needs a harmonica act.

Acrobats and dancers take the stage. First the rock climbing wall dance act takes a turn, followed by the rope dancers, Michael and Ashley. Rudy, who amazed the judges with his Waterfall of Death in auditions tries to take his acrobatic act to new levels.


The danger category is up. There is fire-blowing, sword-swallowing, and a woman driving a nail through a man’s tongue. One strongman act requires the judges to go outside! The Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show also performs outdoors.  Antonio Ristevo is intent on going through and brings a bigger game than before – he doesn’t do it perfectly and Piers warns him that others have been flawless.

Classical singers are challenged by the dry desert air of Vegas.  Prince Poppycock also has a virus, which affects his voice. Sharon thinks he is still fabulous. Hannibal, from L.A., steps out to take his chances. Wearing a rooster as a symbol of a new day, Hannibal takes the stage to have Howie ask if he has a cock on his head! His voice is big. Howie calls him a novelty, but Piers says he has real talent. Carlos, from the Chicago auditions, follows.  He is fantastic, but Howie’s not as impressed as the last time.

The dancers try out next. A group of tap dancers are disappointed when one member makes a mistake. Several other very different styles of dance follow, including hip hop dancers, Reckless from Orlando.


Female vocalists will be taking their turn on the stage. April Lane belts a tune out again. Her competition is Debra Romer, whose nerves almost sunk her in the first audition. She is stronger this time around, but the judges bicker about whether her sadness is a good thing or not.  Mary Ellen, of questionable talent and painted on make-up hits the stage. She goes on and on! Piers calls it musical torture as he leaves to get a coffee!

It’s time to see the kids from Group A! They have fun backstage, but things turn serious when it’s time to go on.  Connor, the indoor kite flier is the oldest member of this category.  CJ, the young rapper is also a contender.


Comedians perform next, followed by novelty acts – the category for those who don’t fit elsewhere!  The girl who paints herself, the act with dogs, and Arthur, the very unique One Man Band, are among the performers.  Hand-whistling Sally from the Portland auditions takes the stage last.

The male singer category is a talented pool with a lot of competition. Some do well, and some blow it under pressure. Taylor from Dallas is nervous, even though he wowed the judges at his first audition.  I think he does great, but Piers says he was stretching the vocal. Michael, from the Los Angeles auditions, takes his turn. He does really well, but goes over the 90 second allotment of time and is warned he could be disqualified.

The judges face a great debate over who should go forward.  The strongman and the sword swallower go through. Antonio Ristevo wil go to Hollywood, as do Chip and Murray the magicians. Hannibal and Prince Poppycock get the thumbs up, CJ the young rapper also moves on, but the kite flier hits the end of the line. Sally the hand-whistler makes it. Pierre the harmonica player is thrilled to be chosen to move on. The rock-wall climbers move forward and another pair of dancers get the nod, Doogie the comedian is among the lucky Hollywood-bound numbers, as is bizarre act Mary Ellen! Debra Romer is one of two female singers going to Hollywood.  Michael and Taylor from the male singer category both succeed in winning the judges approval. In all, 27 acts are selected to go to Hollywood, leaving 11 spots open for Group B to compete for!

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