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Hell’s Kitchen: The Black Jackets Come Out Tonight!

July 06, 2010 08:22 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight on two brand new episodes of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Gordon Ramsay pulls out the black jackets as two more contestants are sent home and the final six are revealed! One poor chef doesn’t even make it to the chopping block as they are booted out straight from the kitchen, but they don’t leave without a fight. These are two hours you don’t want to miss! Keep reading for all the details!

On the first half of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Gordon Ramsay kicks off the challenge with a good ole favorite: the blind taste test. Each team must taste and name as many ingredients as they can while blindfolded with earmuffs. Neither team did extremely well as each chef could barely name one ingredient until the very end when Jay came in and named two ingredients pushing the blue team ahead for the win. For their win, the blue team spent the day with the whales at Sea World, while the red team spent the day unloading trucks and prepping for dinner service.

Both teams were asked to create their own menu for dinner tonight and Chef Ramsay was not impressed with either one. He put down most of the red team’s menu claiming they were bland and boring, which seemed to annoy Benjamin as he did not let the girls have much say in the menu planning. Chef Ramsay did praise Holli though as she made some stellar desserts..I really think we will see her in the finale, she is quiet but the girl can cook! On the blue menu Chef Ramsay was disappointed that they played it too safe and should think about that before service. He criticized Autumn’s dessert, spitting one of them out and claiming it the worst dessert he ever tasted. Luckily, the blue team did redo their menu a bit before service.


Then it was time for dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX and as the smell of the black jackets got stronger, some chefs were not competing like they wanted it. On the blue team, Autumn just could not get it together and tried to serve Chef Ramsay raw meat. The guys finally had enough and sent Ed to the meat station while moving Autumn to desserts. In the red kitchen the weakest link for the night was by far Fran as she consistently sent out raw meat after raw meat after…well you get the idea! Frustrated in herself, Fran decided to place the blame on the lack of communication in the red kitchen, while her teammates disagreed.

After service, Chef Ramsay asked each team to nominate one person for elimination claiming neither team won even though the blue team clearly had more orders from the diners tonight. The red team nominated Fran, for obvious reasons and the same with the blue team for Autumn. After pleading their cases, Chef Ramsay told Fran to hold her head high but he was taking her jacket, ending her hunt for the black jacket tonight. Autumn was not in the clear either as she was also asked to remove her jacket, but she was getting one more chance. Chef Ramsay thought she did much better work on the red team so he sent her back to the red team. Let’s hope she gets it together and does better.

On the second half of Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, the teams were put to a large challenge. Literally, they had to break up and cook a ten pound lobster, with each team member creating their own unique dish. Judging these dishes along with Chef Ramsay would be three Michelin star chefs. On the red side since there were four, they all had to decide on one dish that would not presented. They actually learned from last time and decided to taste them all first and then agreed that Nilka had the worst dish. The judges loved both Holli’s lobster dish and Jason’s, but in the end the red team won the challenge and a thousand dollar shopping spree! The blue team was stuck cleaning the dorms and prepping the kitchen for service.


At the start of dinner service, while the blue team worried as they had fifteen minutes to prep their kitchen, the blue team was relieved to hear Gordon Ramsay tell them that they would all be cooking out of the red kitchen tonight. Chef Ramsay also instructed them that they would be on a strict time constraint tonight with only two and a half hours to complete service. With the loss of Fran, and despite a shaky start from Ed, the team seemed to work well together and were pushing out dishes. Most of them, that was….Nilka could not get it together and was sending out raw meat and overcooked scallops and when questioned by Chef Ramsay she nearly broke down in tears.

Gordon Ramsay finally had his fill of Nilka’s mistakes on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX and he told her to take off her jacket and leave in the middle of dinner service. Nilka walked out, but then returned begging and pleading Chef Ramsay for another chance, crying that she wanted to cook and not go home. She continued to carry on like this until Chef Ramsay asked the contestants to please help him get her out of the kitchen. After service, Chef Ramsay met Nilka outside and told her to keep her chin up claiming she was not ready. He took her jacket and then went back in to tell the teams to put two contestants up for elimination tonight.

Surprised that someone was going to be eliminated despite Nilka’s departure, the team had a tough time deciding on two chefs since Chef Ramsay told them this was their best service ever. When it was time to return, Benjamin announced that both Ed and Autumn would be up for elimination. After pleading their cases, Chef Ramsay called up Ed and asked him to take off his jacket. When Ed removed his jacket, Gordon Ramsay handed him a black jacket! The final six contestants were given their new black jackets tonight on Hell’s Kitchen! Kudos to the final six for getting this far and best of luck to both Fran and Nilka!

Be sure to tune in next Tuesday at 8 pm EST for two more brand new drama filled hours of Gordon Ramsay and Hell’s Kitchen on FOX!

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