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Losing It With Jillian: The Plunkett-Marquez Family

July 06, 2010 06:04 PM by Nancy Floyd


Tonight, on a brand new episode of Losing It With Jillian, trainer Jillian Michaels seeks to inspire an entire people group. Traveling to Arizona, Jillian Michaels spends a week on the Yavapai-Apache reservation working with the whole tribe as they attempt to regain their health. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s new episode…

On tonight’s new episode of Losing It With Jillian, Jillian Michaels travels to Phoenix, Arizona to pay a visit to the Yavapai-Apache reservation. She’ll be working with the Plunkett-Marquez family, leaders in their tribe. The overweight and unhealthy family consists of Grandma Delores, Mom Cora-lei, Dad Brian, 15-year old son Brandon, and Cora-lei’s sister, Delight. The family has weight issues and health issues that include diabetes and heart disease.


Before Jillian Michaels meets with the Plunkett-Marquez family, the whole gang sits down with a doctor to discuss their current condition. Jillian shows up on the reservation, gains an understanding of where everybody is health-wise, and then immediately hits the gym. Delight is the first one to show weakness, giving up after only 12 minutes on the treadmill. You can imagine how thrilled Jillian is about that. When the family starts doing lunges, Delight quits again and Jillian Michaels throws her out of the gym. After Jillian screams in her face and brings Delight to tears, Delight decides to rejoin the family for the workout.

The next morning, Jillian Michaels gets a lesson in cooking from the Plunkett-Marquez family. The recipe of the day: fried bread. Who ever thought to fry bread?! These people are geniuses. Jillian, however, does not recognize their culinary brilliance. She seems close to pulling her hair out as she explains the dangers in what they’re eating. After the meal, Jillian Michaels is taken to meet the rest of the tribe. The group welcomes Jillian with song and dance, but she’s dumbfounded by how obese everyone is.


Fed up with the tribe’s poor eating habits, Jillian decides to dump all of the fried bread in the trash. This doesn’t go over so well with the community. First, a young kid throws a plate of food at Jillian in retaliation. Then a tribal elder expresses his dismay to Cora-lei since it’s contrary to the Native America custom and practice to throw food away. After only two days, Jillian Michaels has managed to stir up major controversy in the tribe.

On day three, Jillian Michaels decides to hold a meeting with Dr. Van Herle for the entire community about how to avoid diabetes. There are 2,000 people in the tribe, but only about 20 people attend the seminar. Jillian Michaels is feeling frustrated and doubtful about her ability to truly affect the tribe.


The next day, Jillian Michaels decides to pour her time and energy into impacting Cora-lei in hopes that she will influence her people. After a particularly intense workout in the desert, Cora-lei is moved to tears by her new feelings of strength and empowerment. Jillian Michaels pays a visit to the reservation daycare to talk with the teacher, Ophelia, about a walking club. Jillian and Delight set out around the neighborhood to invite people to join the walking group and have a heart-to-heart about the importance of making a change.

Jillian Michaels sits down with tribal elder, Don Decker, to try to make amends for throwing away the fried bread. Don actually thanks Jillian for throwing it away and stirring the community to the point of discussion. Don agrees to help Jillian and Cora-lei gather people for the walking group. Jillian fears that no one will show up and her time with the tribe will be a total disaster.


On Jillian’s final day at the Yavapai-Apache reservation, she hopes to help the community launch their new walking program. She and Cora-lei make one last ditch effort to rally the tribe by driving through the neighborhood announcing the event with a loud speaker. Jillian Michaels is thrilled to see that the walking club draws a major crowd of over 100 people. They set out together to walk through the park and community. Before Jillian Michaels departs, she offers to give everyone in the tribe a free membership to her website where they can access custom recipes and workout plans.

After six weeks, Jillian Michaels returns to the Yavapai-Apache reservation to see how the Plunkett-Marquez family has progressed without her. Delight is the first person to reveal her new self and Jillian is stunned by her 30-lb weight loss and newfound confidence. Brandon stuns Jillian with his transformation, losing 52 lbs., and Cora-lei also has lost 33 lbs. All in all, the entire family lost over 150 lbs. Cora-lei announces plans to start a 5-week weight loss and exercise program for the entire community, funded by Jillian Michaels.

Next week on Losing It With Jillian, Jillian Michaels works with a family who seems less than thrilled to have her assistance.

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