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Real World: Ryan Gets Injured And Roommates Kiss!

July 07, 2010 08:27 PM by Jennifer


Drama rears it’s ugly head again on tonight’s episode of Real World on MTV. When Ryan gets injured and needs to go to the hospital, the other roommates question not only his injury, but also his crazy behavior, Two of the roommates also share a kiss, and two others share alot more! Keep reading to find out who!

In the second night of being in the house, the eight roommates on this season of Real World on MTV! hit the bar scene again (after al, what else is there to do?) and Eric and Sahar share a kiss, and when a girl approaches Eric, Sahar acts like she is his girlfriend! Sahar is sending Eric mixed feelings, because she keeps kissing him, and he likes it, but she has an open relationship with a man back home. But not everyone is having such a good time at the club. Ryan asks McKenzie and Jemmye to leave the club with him because there are not enough girls there. But when they get back to the house, they realize they are locked out. Ryan climbs the iron gate, and ends up popping out his shoulder.

He goes to the hospital, and they end up giving him a prescription for pain killers, which is kind of an issue because Knight just got out of rehab for a drug addiction. But that takes a back seat to the fact that his roommates question how bad he is hurt when a day after the injury he goes without his sling, and skips cleaning the house with the others. When Knight is the one to question Ryan about it, Ryan and him have it out, and they end up not speaking.


Speaking of Ryan, he is showing some really weird behavior, which would rub me the wrong way if I was living there. Not only does he like to cuddle with the roommates (especially Preston, who he had a fight with in the first episode) and he also likes to rub people’s ears. He also likes to sit in his bed and blow dry himself with a hairdryer. Not just his head, but his whole body!

Knight has his own situation going on when he declares that he is
going to be the first “white guy” that Jemmye sleeps with, although she disagrees, at first. After a night of partying, Jemmye and Knight end up in his bed, only to have Preston pass gas really loud and ruin the mood after Jemmye takes off her bra. They end up going to her bed, where the two end up sleeping the entire night. But you can sense something is bound to happen, after all, she took off her bra and jumped in his bed!

The next night on Real World on MTV! , the girls all are going out to dinner, which leaves the guys to go out to a bar. When Ryan hears this, he is uneasy about it because he and Knight are not speaking. The group, however, ends up in the hot tub, and Eric and Sahar continue to flirt, but they are unsure where it is going. But I think Knight killed any chances he had with Jemmy e when he jumps into the hot tub wearing a neon green bathing suit (ever see the movie Borat?) Ad with all of his junk hanging out, Jemmye can’t help but gag. Guess that hook up may not happen!

Who will be the next roommates to hook up? Will Eric and Sahar seal the deal? And when are these roommates going to get a job?

Tune in next Wednesday at 10 PM for another episode of Real World on MTV! See you after the show!

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