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Work of Art: Driving Inspiration

July 07, 2010 08:00 PM by alison.bills

This week on Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, the contestants take a drive through New York City to search for inspiration from their rides. Who will drive away with the win?

Simon de Pury sneaks into the artists’ rooms early in the morning to wake them up. He tells them that they’ll be taking Audis around New York to find inspiration in the city.

When they end their journey, China Chow tells them that their journey was the inspiration. They spend some time in an Audi museum (so that Audi can get more screen time because they are obviously a sponsor of the show).

As most of the artists explore the cars and take photos, Miles takes a nap. Other artists comment on their frustration with Miles, saying he’s playing the role of the tortured artist.

After they shop for supplies, the artists head back to the workroom. Nicole and Miles are flirting, which is cute. Mark, who feels he has been pigeonholed as the photographer of the group, decides to make a painting.

Jaclyn’s piece is again about how her body gets her attention…again. She puts together a bunch of photos she took of men staring at her. She needs to get a new theme.

Ryan, also a narcissist, make a painting of himself driving a car. Miles is working on a screenprint of an empty doorway, to speak on his need to get away from the bustle of the city.

Miles and Nicole continue their flirting, and he admits to the camera that he thinks she’s good-looking. Erik thinks that Miles is just acting. Maybe he’s an actor and not an artist?


Simon visits, and has some valuable comments for the artists. He points out that Ryan’s piece is again a self-portrait. Simon says it needs something special because it looks like a traditional self-portrait.

Nicole finds out that she’s moving in with Jaclyn now that he room is empty. The artists work until midnight, many of them stressing about getting all the work done.

The next day, the artists rush to get everything done and before the know it it’s time for the show.

The judges seem to love Miles piece again as they walk around, even though it looks like nothing. They also are very entertained by Peregrine’s clever play on the word Audi.

At judges table, the judges as for Miles, Jaclyn, Mark, Ryan and Jaime to stay. The rest are safe. Mark is criticized for his painting because the judges feel it’s too generic. Ryan’s painting is called shallow and too literal, so he’s also at risk for elimination.


Jaclyn’s piece is praised for his piece. They praise her for her growth and the smart use of the mirrors. Jaime’s piece about car dancing is also criticized because it doesn’t have any vibrancy. It may be about dancing, but as the judges say, it’s “like dancing without music.” Miles piece is praised again, but the artists mention that he’s used this overstimulation theme twice now. They love his piece…again.

The judges give the win to Jaclyn (and her tiny dress.) She gets immunity for next week’s elimination, so she’ll be back with her little outfits. The elimination is between Mark, Ryan and Jamie, and the judges send Jaime home.

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