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Big Brother 12: Let The Sabotage Begin

July 08, 2010 07:14 PM by Ryan Haidet


95 microphones.  52 cameras.  13 contestants.  1 saboteur.  1 winner.  The 12th season of Big Brother kicked off tonight with an all-new summer twist — one player is in the house with plans to sabotage the game in any way they can.  But who is the mole?  We won’t find out for another week.

Meeting The Cast

We quickly learned about each of the 13 competitors as they received their keys to the Big Brother house.  Hayden talked about how hot he is.  Rachel talked about the size of her boobs.  Then there’s Monet, a girl who instantly gives off the spoiled brat vibe.  Matt, who was playing his drums and guitar, said he would be smarter than anybody else in the house because he’s a member of Mensa — even if he doesn’t look like somebody with a high IQ.  Brendon’s intro video was the corniest.  He “found” his key to the house at the end of a swimming pool as he was doing laps.  Please.  That was terrible.


After the houseguests went inside, it didn’t take long for them to pop open the bubbly as they sat in the living room and introduced themselves.  Hayden was impressed with Kristen and said he was going to work on her since he thinks she’s hot.  Good for him, too, because she said in a confessional that she really likes him.  Monet wasn’t impressed with Rachel, but Enzo did like the size of her chest.  Ragan said he wanted to make an alliance with Brendon joking that he hopes that he might be gay, too.  Andrew lied to everybody saying he is a shoe salesman instead of a doctor.  He didn’t want anybody to think he needed the cash.  Ragan also lied about his job.  He said he is a graduate student when he’s actually a professor.

Then there was Annie…

CBS really pounded the fact that Annie is bisexual, which was really getting on my nerves.  Is that all she has to offer the house?  Her sexuality?  If that’s all they saw in her to give her a key, CBS should be ashamed of themselves.  I hope they change the way in which she is showcased.


Sabotage Revealed

Host Julie Chen turned on the new jumbo screen in the living room to reveal the twist for this summer to the houseguests.  “Someone sitting among you is lying.  One of you is actually not here to win the game.”  She said the person’s goal is not to win the grand prize, but to make it to the half-way point.  If they compete five weeks in the house, they will win $50,000, which is equivalent to the second-place prize money.  If the mole is evicted before the half-way mark, they will leave the house with nothing.  Julie signed off with a special message from the saboteur.  It was a scrambled video from the rat who warned everybody to watch their backs.


Slippery HOH

The 13 contestants were asked to divide in two teams of six for the first Head Of Household competition.  Andrew volunteered to sit out of the so he could be the mascot even though that immediately disqualified him from winning the power.  After choosing teams, they went to the storage room and grabbed their costumes.  Andrew had to put on a hot dog outfit while the others put on team colors.

The backyard was made to look like a giant grill with lots of huge hot dog props.  Once they all gathered outdoors, Andrew learned that it was in fact worth being the mascot since he is safe from eviction.  It was a really goofy challenge.  One at a time, they had to jump on one of the giant hot dogs hanging from above.  Then the rest of the team had to pull them to the other side of the platform.  There was also a monetary incentive with this challenge — the first person on the winning team to get across gets $10,000.  Second gets $1,000.  Third gets $100.  Fourth wins $10.  Fifth gets $1.  The last houseguest to cross on the winning team would win HOH.  Annie was first across for the yellow team with Monet first for red.  Since the hot dogs were getting slippery, Hayden and Matt devised a strategy to pick their team members up to grab the strap above.  Britney fell off of the hot dog constantly, and one of those falls really hurt her knee badly.  She winced in pain as Kathy from the other team came over and offered some help.


Sabotage?  Some thought that Britney was faking.  A medic was sent out and the challenge was stopped.  During that time, Matt and Hayden struck a deal that if Hayden won HOH he wouldn’t nominate Matt.  Britney and Kristen switched places since the medic didn’t think Britney should continue.  “I lost my dignity on a slippery weiner,” Britney said in one of the funniest lines ever.  The yellow team quickly fell behind since Kathy couldn’t hold on at all, which rose paranoia that she might be the saboteur.

With that, Hayden won HOH as the red team sailed to victory.  Monet also took home $10,000.


Lights Out As Sabotage Strikes!

To provide assistance to the saboteur, all the lights were shut off in the house as the contestants were sitting in the living room.  Brendon walked away thinking Big Brother was telling them all to get to sleep, so he went to brush his teeth.  Andrew thought it would be hilarious to pull pranks on the houseguests by walking around and making noise.  When the lights came back on, so did the television screen.  It was the saboteur.  “If you weren’t so afraid of the dark you may have caught me,” the suspect said.  “Thanks for making this sabotage so easy.  I’ve locked the storage room door where all of the food and supplies are kept.  But don’t worry, there’s plenty of slop in the kitchen to go around.  Sleep with one eye open houseguests — assuming you can sleep at all.”  The screen then went dark.

The finger pointing quickly started with Andrew and Brendon the lead suspects because of their weird actions during lights out.

It looks like it will be an interesting summer.  Sunday brings us Hayden’t nominations while Wednesday delivers the first Power Of Veto competition.  Finally, next Thursday brings us the first live eviction, which is also when America will learn the identitiy of the saboteur.

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Who do you think it is?


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Photos courtesy of CBS.

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