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So You Think You Can Dance 7/8/10: Elimination, Natasha Bedingfield, And Broadway’s ‘In the Heights’

July 08, 2010 07:15 PM by Nancy Floyd


Tonight, on a new episode of So You Think You Can Dance, another dancer will be eliminated, leaving only 7 finalists remaining. Last night, the top 8 performed two routines each, one with an All-Star and one with a fellow competitor. The votes are in and one dancer is going home, plus Natasha Bedingfield performs! Keep reading for more details on tonight’s elimination episode…

Tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance begins with an angelic contemporary routine complete with feathers, fog, wings, and Billy in a skirt. All-star Ade is filling in for injured finalist, Alex, in the routine choreographed by the brilliant Emmy-nominated judge and choreographer, Mia Michaels. Cat Deeley congratulates Mia Michaels for her Emmy nod this year, as well as Adam Shankman who reccived 12 Emmy nominations for the Oscars which he produced this year.

Nigel Lythgoe takes a moment to congratulate the Emmy nominees as well and then spends even more time talking about his made-up holiday, Dance Day on July 31st. It turns out Nigel has found some political schmuck to actually file a bill to make Dance Day a recognized national holiday. Really?? REALLY!?! Whatevs. If I get the day off work, I won’t be complaining anymore. In fact, I might even dance for joy. Nigel’s evil plan is working.


It’s time to find out the results of last night’s voting. Because of his injury, Alex will automatically be in the bottom three tonight. Who will be joining him? Billy is the first finalist to hear his fate and, despite the fact that he received rave reviews last night for his Broadway and African Jazz routines, he has found himself in the bottom three this week. Lauren is up next and it’s no surprise to hear that she’s safe for another week.

Kent, Jose, and Robert all received enough votes to remain in the competition, meaning the final spot in the bottom three will go to either Ashley or AdeChike. After the beating AdeChike took last night from the judges, my money is on him. Shockingly, I’m wrong, and Ashley is actually the one in danger. Mia Michaels shares her surprise over Ashley’s predicament, but she also takes a moment to humbly apologize to AdeChike for coming across as harsh last night.


Before Billy and Ashley dance for their lives (cue the dramatic music), let’s get a little background info on two of the All-Stars, shall we? Pasha and Anya both made the show in season 3 after auditioning together. Although they’ve never partnered together on the show, they’re reuniting tonight to perform their original audition routine. Not surprisingly, it’s ridiculously good and pretty dang hot. I want these two to fall in love and make ballroom-dancing babies.

Next up, a performance from the cast of the Broadway show, In the Heights. I have no idea what this show is about but the singing and dancing is pretty amazing. After they leave the stage, it’s time to see Billy and Ashley’s solos. Billy starts his routine with some weird, emotionless clapping thing, but soon he’s leaping and flying and kicking across the stage like the total freak of nature that he is. Ashley takes the stage next and delivers a powerful and emotional piece.


While the judges deliberate about which dancer to eliminate, British pop star, Natasha Bedingfield performs her new single. Being backed up by tuxedo-clad So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars definitely helps this otherwise awkward performance. It seems that the only dance moves Natahsa Bedingfield knows include walking back and forth and messing up her hair. She’s cute though so it’s all good. And apparently Cat Deeley loves her as evidenced by the squealing, bouncing, and hugging that takes place following the performance.

The judges return to the panel to deliver their unanimous decision. It turns out that Alex’s injury is far worse than originally suspected. He lacerated his Achilles tendon and will require surgery and a three-month rest period. Because of that, he’s obviously being forced to leave the show, although the judges are extending an invitation to him to return next season. Poor Alex!! This is the second time his dreams have been cut short on this show! This season definitely won’t be the same without him. His departure speech is heartfelt and gracious and I feel as though I’m dangerously close to shedding tears.

What do you think of Alex’s premature exit? Do you think he could’ve won it all this season?

Tune into So You Think You Can Dance next Wednesday night at 8pm EST on FOX to see the top 7 take the stage!

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  1. dccongress85 Says:
    July 9th, 2010 at 7:17 am

    Coming from Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton’s Office I just wanted to inform you on what the effect of the House Resolution is. It is to show National recognition and does not create legislation that makes it an official National Holiday. Also, we have been in contact with Nigel because my friend and I created the idea of having the Congresswoman write a House Resolution and have a Dance Day in DC while watching the show. The purpose of the event and legislation is to help raise awareness to combat obesity, promote health and wellness, and provide funding for young underprivileged talented dancers. So the “political shmuck” you reference is trying to help her community and the country. thanks.


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