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The Bachelor: Jake Pavelka’s Ex-Girlfriend Defends Him

July 10, 2010 07:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


On Monday night, in The Bachelor break-up interview heard ’round the world, accusations were flying between former lovebirds Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi. Among them, Vienna Girardi called Jake a “liar,” “fame whore,” and said the pair had intimacy issues. Surprisingly, after the interview, most people are on Team Vienna, but one person is coming to Jake Pavelka’s defense: his ex-girlfriend of three years, Christina Haney. She opens up to Us Weekly about the kind of boyfriend Jake Pavelka was to her and that there were never intimacy issues for the couple…

Despite the fact that Jake Pavelka came off looking like an arrogant jerk on Monday night’s post-breakup interview with former fiance Vienna Girardi, his ex-girlfriend is coming to his defense. Christina Haney, who has known Jake Pavelka for five years and lived with him for three, says, “I feel so bad for Jake.”

According to Christina Haney, Jake Pavelka thought the interview would help make him look better. She says The Bachelor star ”thought people would understand why he got so upset with Vienna during the interview. She always interrupted him and never let him answer a question. Anyone would have gotten mad.”

Christina Haney blames editing for Jake Pavelka’s smug portrayal, although she wishes he would’ve stood up for himself more. She contends that Jake Pavelka “didn’t want to bash” Vienna Girardi. ”Jake still believes that people will figure out that she is bending the truth,” Christina Haney says. Regardless, Jake Pavelka is upset about the break-up.

“She was so supportive of him at the beginning, but I guess she wanted some media attention too,” Christina Haney says about the split. “I don’t know Vienna personally, so I am not going to judge her, but I do remember how none of the girls on the show liked her, and apparently, her hometown has turned against her too. There has to be a reason for that.”

One thing that Christina Haney definitely doesn’t buy is that the couple had intimacy issues. She contends that intimacy was never an issue for she and Jake Pavelka when they were a couple. ”We never had intimacy issues — ever,” she says. “He really is a great guy who has just had some bad luck lately in choosing women.”

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