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Big Brother 12: And The Nominees Are…

July 11, 2010 06:39 PM by Ryan Haidet


Big Brother 12 may have just started, but the paranoia surrounding the contestants is thicker than ever.  After the saboteur struck for the first time on day 1 by locking the storage room with all of their food, the finger pointing was getting a bit ridiculous.  Andrew and Brendon were left as the two biggest suspects by most of the group because of their actions so far.  But another player thinks it’s neither of them — Kathy believes the mole is likely working under the cover of being one of the nicest girls in the house.

A Budding Romance

While sharing time on the hammock, Brendon talked about his education with Rachel and Annie.  That’s all it took for Rachel to instantly fall in love with him saying she wanted to jump his bones.  But Annie felt very awkward saying it was almost like watching her parents have sex.  As the two joined in the hot tub the next day, the flirting continued.  He said that initially he thought Rachel was just a chick with big boobs, but now he realizes she’s a lot more than that.  Hayden noticed what was going on and thought their potential alliance could be dangerous.


Opening Up

Annie pulled Ragan, the openly gay college professor, aside so she could talk to him in private.  She opened up with him and revealed that she’s bisexual and currently has a girlfriend.  “Thank you for telling me,” Ragan said.  “I feel so much better because I feel like I’m not alone.”  As she told her story, tears streamed down her face and Ragan offered up a big hug.

Making The “Mafia”

Enzo went and talked to Hayden and tried to devise a plan for this week.  The duo quickly bonded and thought it would be a good idea to include Matt and Lane into the alliance.  Or shall we say, the “Mafia.”  Matt and Lane had no problem joining forces.  Matt was so surprised how trusting of the “Mafia” he had become — even going as far as saying it is the strongest alliance the show has ever seen.


The new band of brothers gathered in the Head Of Household bedroom where Enzo gave them each a nickname.  Lane is the Beast.  Hayden is the Animal.  Matt is the Brains while Enzo is the Meow.  Don’t really get that, but OK.  As a whole, they decided to give their group the nickname of the “Brigade.”  This was hysterical though because Lane said he was fine with the name, but he doesn’t know what it means.

Sticky Victory

Divided into three teams of four, the houseguests battled in a sticky race in the backyard for full privileges — the losing team forced to be the Have-Nots for the week.  Just like last summer, that means they are forced to eat slop, have cold showers and sleep in the dreaded, uncomfortable bedroom.

It was a really goofy challenge that took the contestants through a pit of sticky, thick caramel before they hopped into a pool of popcorn.  Once there they had to find a tooth puzzle piece and rush back to the start.  The first two teams to find all eight pieces would win full privileges for the week.

Right off the bat, Brendon’s shorts came off as he made his way through the caramel.  Obviously that made Rachel extremely excited as his butt stuck out in the air.  As the challenge progressed, which took up far too much of the episode, the caramel proved to be tough, but Britney and Kathy were absolutely terrible.  Kathy’s poor performance caused Matt to question how she can work in law enforcement.  And it was her fault they lost.  Was she really that bad or was it an act of sabotage?  She did pretty bad in the first challenge with the giant hot dog, too.


After the challenge was all said and done, the foursome of Rachel, Matt, Kathy and Ragan came in last place making them the first group of Have-Nots.  The winners were given bolt cutters so they could open the door to the storage room.  The Have-Nots were taken to their new crummy bedroom filled with jars of bugs and maggots.  Once inside they all complained about the smell and the lack of comfort with the beds, which are actually dirty lounge chairs.

“X” Factor

As Andrew was sitting down at the table eating breakfast, he looked up and saw two green “X”s had been put over Kathy and Britney’s faces on the Memory Wall.  After everybody talked about it for a bit, the TV screen kicked on in the living room as the saboteur had a new message for the group.  The saboteur tried to warn them all that they have to watch their competitors close because it’s not always the physically strong people who are the most threatening.

Britney was getting very nervous about the “X” over her face because she felt like she did nothing wrong.  So to try and comfort herself, she went and talked strategy with Hayden alone in the HOH bedroom.  She offered her advice and said she would target Brendon and Kathy for eviction.  Hayden told her she was safe, but still wasn’t sure what he wanted to do.

The Game Is On!

At the very first Nomination Ceremony of the summer, it was revealed that Hayden chose to nominate Brendon and Rachel for eviction.  He said that Brendon is acting too suspicious and he said Rachel didn’t really try to get to know him.  Hmmm…  Sounds to me more like Hayden was targeting the budding showmance.


Should be interesting.

Wednesday night’s episode promises yet another sabotage while the first live eviction comes on Thursday.

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