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The Next Food Network Star: Guest Judge Paula Deen And A Lunch Truck Challenge!

July 11, 2010 08:59 PM by Jennifer


On tonight’s special 90 minute episode of  The Next Food Network Star, The remaining contestants must impress the one and only Paula Deen! Keep reading to see how they did!

For tonight’s camera challenge on The Next Food Network Star, Giada De Laurentiis tells each chef to create a dish that represents each for their mid term. Basically, themselves in a jar. The contestants cannot hold in their excitement at the idea of knocking the judges socks off with their ideas. Aarti sees this as the perfect opportunity to introduce Indian food into main stream cuisine. Tom makes a grapefruit marmalade that he puts on liver and Brussels sprouts. Brianna makes a berry chocolate sauce. Herb is happy he is getting a chance to redeem himself

They arrive at the Grove in Los Angeles to present their ideas not only in front of the camera, but in front of a live audience on tonight’s The Next Food Network Star. Serena goes first, and stumbles in front of the crowd presenting her tomato sauce. She was waiting for applause, but it never came. As the judges tast her dish, they all agree it has no flavor. Paul, the comedian, feels right at home in front of a live audience. But he spent so much time telling jokes, he ran out of time. The judges all liked the sauce he prepared. Herb presented an energy oil, but in front of the camera, he was at a loss for words, but in the end he got the crowd going with his energy. As far as his oil, they saw it as weak. Aarti had a tougher job, because not only did she have to present her product, but tell them about Indian food as well. But she could not see the time countdown and wasn’t able to finish. Despite that, the judges liked her spices and would purchase it is it was for sale. Brianna jumped the gun, and was done so quickly that she almost walked off with 30 seconds left in the presentation. The committee loved her berry chocolate sauce. Aria did a run through in her head, got applause, but the committee wasn’t impressed with her presentation. Her chutney was too chunky, with undercooked fruit. Tom had them laughing all through his presentation, and got a roaring applause at the end. The committee was impressed by the on camera display, but not the sauce.


Brad’s three onion cherry marmalade. His charm would have won over the crowd had he smiled, and the committee thought his marmalade, although a limited use product according to bobby flay, was enjoyed by all. The bottom two for the challenge were Serena and Brianna. Serena had a bland sauce, and Brianna lacked the exciting presentation. She took it pretty hard.

The winners were Aarti and Tom. Both of them were shocked. They both have an advantage in the star challenge, which they better prepare for, because it is huge!!! They are taken to four lunch trucks and Paula Deen pops out from behind one of the trucks. She tells them that they need to put themselves out there, and they are in teams of two. Aarti and tom are paired. Serena and Brianna, who have had problems before, are paired together. Brad and Aria are paired, as well as herb and Paul. They are given 1000 and two hours to prep food they will be serving on Venice beach. As Serena and breanna are talking over the menu, and surprisingly they get along. Brad and Aria collaborate well together, and so do Paul and Herb. Then the teams split up to do some shopping. Serena and breanna have a communication problem, because Serena is not familiar with some of the sauces they need. After the shopping is done, the teams go home and prepare for the next day’s Star Challenge.

The next day comes very quickly, and aarti is keeping a lookout for Serena and Brianna, who she thinks may attract a crowd. When they get to their lunch trucks, they realize just how small the kitchens are. Breanna and Serena really get on each others nerves. Aarti and Tom’s American comfort food has an Indian twist, Brad and aria go the all American fast food route, like burgers and dogs. while Paul and Herb go for a menu of healthy wraps. Paul and Herb are having a great time cooking, but they have an oven that is broken, and have to compensate. Before they know it, time is up and crowds of people are coming at their trucks!


Not only do they need to impress the crowds, they also need to impress the one and only Paula Dean. Aria and brad have some hungry customers waiting because they did not put the burgers or dogs on the grill until the customers actually showed up because they ran out of time. Serena and Brianna, the “2 chix in a truck” were getting along, and then the selection committee comes to herb and Paul’s truck. Paul even flirts with Paula deen. Their wraps were a big hit with the committee. Aria and brad finally serve up burghers and dogs, the committee . Bobby flay had an undercooked burger, and Paula Deen was only impressed with the milkshake! Tom and Aarti made the committee feel very welcome, and they had great food. When they visit Brianna and Serena, Paula Deen likes their empenata and gyro, and also their jerk chicken.

As the challenge ends, each team has to face the selection comitee for their mid term which reflects the past weeks challenges. Serena and Breanna go first, and they hear how the committee saw a sisterly bond between them. Aarti and tom impressed the judges, and they are both coming in as front runners with the judges. But bobby flay really gets in their head when he says there are eight contestants left, and you can blink, and you will be gone! They let Paul know that they still have not seen his personality, just an act, and aria and brad had a long wait for crappy food. Aria has gotten forgettable with her happy smiling personality. But Serena and breanna come out on top, and Aarti and Tom are also safe from elimination, along with herb. But Paul, Brad and Aria are left, and one of them has to go home after tonight’s star challenge. The selection committee deliberates, and when they come back, they tell Paul it is time to say goodbye. He may be a great comedian, but they feel he is not the The Next Food Network Star.

Tune in next Sunday at 9 PM for another episode of The Next Food Network Star! See you after the show!

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