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Dance Your Ass Off: Summer Celebration

July 12, 2010 10:55 PM by Rebecca Ford


This week, the Dance Your Ass Off contestants took on one of their greatest challenges: the swimsuit. They trained in the pool, and had a healthy barbeque to celebrate summer. Also, an injury threatens one contestants ability to stay in the competition. Who will sink, and who will swim this week?

The cast says goodbye to Kiki, which is especially difficult for Corey because of their relationship.

Then, the contestants go to Santa Monica to hear about their next challenge. Mel B. reveals that this theme is Sum-sum-summertime! She also says that in a few days they’ll host a party and the attire is bathing suits, which proves to be a real challenge for the contestants.

The contestants head down to a pool, and find out that they’ll be having a training session in the pool. The contestants are challenged to tread in the water and do water aerobics.


The contestants then head off to their first rehearsals. Michael is hoping he wasn’t assigned hip-hop…but it turns out he was, and he’s not happy. Adamme gets jazz, and pushes himself to learn the technique.

At the summer barbeque, Corey mans the grill, and the contestants create a healthy meal menu for their guests. Dr. Gellar (the hott doctor) throws Michael in the pool. They celebrate with light drinks and food, and lots of fun.

At the dress rehearsal, something goes terribly wrong for Briana. She hurts her knee when she falls, and has to go to the hospital for x-rays.  Will she be able to perform?


It’s show time. Mel B greets the audience and the judges, including guest judge choreographer from “Dream Girls,” Fatima Robinson.

Erica is up first, with some summer pop. She seems to be becoming more fluid and flexible as she loses weight. The judges praise her for her commitment to the piece, but say there wasn’t enough dancing.

Adamme is up next, and he says it’s difficult trying to look light on your feet when you’re not a light person. His routine starts off playing with shadows. He does some great spins, and sparkles on the dance floor. The judges love his routine (again), and give him strong scores. He gets an overall score of 9.

Latoya, who says she plans to be one of the final contenders, is up next. She also has pop as her theme for her routine. She again proves how talented of a dancer she is, busting out spins and very technical moves. The judges praise her technique, and give her a score of 8 overall.

Stephanie’s dance story is about dating her dance partner, Oscar. Stephanie admits that she’s still a virgin because she isn’t comfortable with her body. Her dance is very fast-paced and jumpy, and she does a good job with it. It ends with her kissing her partner. The judges praise it for capturing the summer feeling, but ask her to figure out some cool tricks to add to her next routine. She gets an overall score of 7.3.

Katie‘s routine involves props, including a bag and floppy hat. They try to add comedic bits to their routine, but I’m not sure if it’s working. Katie looks a lot more sluggish than some of the other contestants. The judges push her to put more into her routines. Danny gives her a 5, giving her a very low overall score.


Corey is up next, and admits that he’s not the best dancer, but he’s trying his best. He does some nice partner work and lifts. The judges tell him that he can do better, nut give him points for the lifts. He gets a 6 overall.

Michael that he’s a perfectionist and hates when he can’t do a move. He’s very sick of hip-hop but does his best with it. It’s pretty clear that hip-hop is not his strength IT comes off looking like a very week cheerleading routine. The judges are not happy. They give him a 5.7, which is a very low score.

They begin the weigh-in because they’re still waiting to find out if Briana can perform. Adamme, who has immunity, lost 8.5 pounds. Michael lost 6.5 pounds, which puts him at the bottom for the time being. Erica and Stephanie both make the cut with their weight loss to be safe for next week.

Corey’s weight-loss is not enough, and makes his score the lowest. If Briana can perform, Corey will probably be going home. The rules state that if a contestant can’t perform, she will automatically be going home. Will Briana perform?

She says yes! She decides she will perform a routine that’s adjusted for her injury, but she falls right in the beginning. It’s a pretty sad routine, but at least she tried. It’s clear she’s in a lot of pain, and just trying to fight through it. Poor girl. The judges feel bad for her and praise her bravery, but can’t give her good scores because her routine was so weak. Briana gets a low 4.3, and is sent home because she would have had to lose 9 pounds to beat Corey. It’s too bad that she had to go out this way because she was one of the most interesting dancers on the show.

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